24 Types of Coffee Mugs: Classification based on Design, Material and Features

Many people in the world can reject all outdoor visits if they can get a cup of coffee to drink. But how many of them know that for enjoying each kind of coffee drink, a coffee mug is there?  If you want a specific sort in their specially designed coffee mug, it will surely enhance your experience. So, here we will discuss various types of coffee mugs from their material to size to help you select the best coffee mug according to your favorite coffee.

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Top materials for coffee mugs

Material is a highly vital factor to consider before selecting a coffee mug. It will be best to choose the material for buying a coffee cup as per the demand of the occasion. If you have a habit of retaining the coffee for long in the coffee mug, then insulated stainless steel coffee mugs will be the best choice for you. Ceramic can’t hold the taste and flavor for long. If you are looking for a long-lasting material, then porcelain cup or bone china will be the best as they are very robust materials. Glass-made coffee mugs are lovely in looking, but as a material, they are fragile. Silicone and double-walled coffee mugs are suitable for insulation and holding. So, choose the material for your coffee mug that will suit you the most.

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Different types of coffee mugs

Generally, coffee mugs are categorized into three sections. They are – Design(sometimes types of coffee), Material, and Features. Let’s know about each kind of coffee mug category.

Here we will talk about different kinds of coffee mugs as per the Design.

Types of Coffee Mugs Based on Designs/Coffee Drink

Travel Mug

Travel Mug

Some people want to carry their coffee mugs while traveling, and a travel coffee mug is a perfect coffee gadget for them. There are a wide variety of travel coffee mugs that you can find in the market. So, you need to check few matters before buying your mug. Check how long it can retain heat, check the lid and seal as coffee should not leak while traveling, check the grip for a proper hold, and how easily it can be washed.

If you want to add some color to your coffee cups, custom stickers are a good idea for you. Custom stickers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect design for your needs, and that doesn’t cost much to make.

Favorite Mug

Favorite Mug

You may have a huge collection of coffee mugs at your home, but there will surely be a coffee mug or glass that you like the most. While buying or creating a custom mugs, you should check the quality and also its size.



Tumblers are a combination of a coffee mug and a travel coffee mug. Tumblers are one of the best-insulated coffee mugs. They can keep the coffee hot for a long time and perfect for the long working hours.

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Espresso cup

Espresso cup

Espresso coffee cups are the smallest type of coffee cup containing two to three ounces (60ml) liquid. It comes in a set and can’t retain the heat for a long time.

The cappuccino cup

cappuccino cup

The cappuccino coffee mugs are narrow at the base and broad from the middle. They have a base and can contain 180ml liquid. These glasses are dome-shaped so that foam can be created. Americano coffee drinks are also served in them.

The flat white cup

flat white cup

The flat white coffee cups are tulip-shaped and can contain 160ml fluid. Coffee flavors stay intact for a long time in this cup.

The Bowl

The Bowl

This is a bowl-type coffee cup made out of porcelain. It is used to serve a Chinese coffee café au lait and can contain 160ml liquid. These cups don’t have handles and should be held with both hands like a soup bowl.

Latte cups

Latte cup

Latte cups are look-alike cappuccino cups, but they can contain more amounts (220ml) than a cappuccino cup. But Italians use glasses to serve latte because they can show all the lairs clearly in a glass to a cup.

The cortado glass

cortado glass

Although cortado is a new version of coffee, this is prepared in Gibraltar tumbler in San Francisco. It can contain 135ml liquid, and Gibraltar is very successful as a cortado glass.

The Irish coffee glass

Irish coffee glass

The Irish coffee glasses are made of glass material, and 250ml coffee can be served in them. A coffee drinker can see the layers of coffee and cream clearly through it.

The Turkish coffee cup

Turkish coffee cup

For preparing Irish coffee, an ibrik or cezve named container is used to brew it. Then it is transferred to another coffee mug that is different from the espresso cups. It is tiny in size and can accommodate 75ml liquid.

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Types of Coffee Mugs Based on Materials

Now we will list types of coffee mugs according to the materials


Melamine Mug

Melamine coffee mugs are very good in quality, and insulation can retain heat for a long time. But interestingly, you will not feel the heat if you hold it from outside. It is easy to wash and use, but it is not micro-safe.


Glass Mug

Glass-made coffee mugs are very classy and let you see how much coffee is still there for you to drink. But this material demands very tender care and can be damaged by the slightest of negligence.


Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic-made coffee mugs are long-lasting, so for people who don’t have much experience buying a coffee mug, then ceramic mugs will be the best option. They are available in different styles and designs. They are wash-friendly and goes in the microwave. These coffee mugs can retain heat for a long time and distribute it equally within the coffee mug.

Stainless steel coffee mug

Stainless steel coffee mug

Hydro flask coffee mugs travel coffee mugs are made of stainless steel. They contain a coffee mug warmer, so they are highly effective for retaining heat that people want while traveling. They come with a proper locking system and available with or without a handle.


Stoneware Mug

Stoneware coffee mugs are not so popular, but this material can last long without cracks after ceramic. They are handmade and famous for their looks; simultaneously, they are heat resistant and dishwasher friendly. They prevent your coffee mug from staining.

Bone china

Bone china mugs

Bone china coffee cups are delicate and delicate. They are as fragile as the glass-made coffee mugs. But they are beautiful and appropriate for using at parties or serving coffee to your special guests.

Types of Coffee Mugs Based on Features

Now we will categorize coffee mugs according to the features.


Double-walled Coffee mug

If you prefer your coffee mug without any handle and at the same time you want the heat to stay inside, then double-walled glass coffee mugs are the best choice for you. Most interestingly, it is so excellently crafted that one can’t understand that it is double-walled from outside.

Footed Coffee Mug

Footed Coffee Mug

Some glass-made coffee mugs are footed, which enhances their looks. This foot is its only feature; Irish coffee is served in this kind of coffee cup.

Coffee Mug with Lid

Travel coffee mugs come with a lid to protect the coffee from spilling out. The lid helps in insulation, and coffee remains hot for a long time.


Vintage Coffee Mug

Vintage coffee cups enhance the charm of drinking. But you need to check the quality of the glass before you buy them.


If you like your coffee table to look nice, then you should pick set coffee glasses. It will save your time to search for the exact pair.


Embossed Coffee mug

You can engrave a personal message on coffee mugs and gift them for a particular purpose. The happy coffee mug is an example of such embossed coffee mugs.

Saucer included Coffee Mugs

Saucer included coffee mugs protect your furniture from staining that can take place for spilling of coffee from glasses or spoons.

There are also some other features that you can go for, like microwave safe, pour-over, and snack tray attached coffee mugs.

How to choose the best coffee mug

One should consider three matters before buying a coffee mug: material, size, and features. Here is a list of the best coffee mugs from some famous brand:

  • Ember coffee mug (Ember Smart Mug 2)
  • YETI coffee mug- the best stainless-steel mug
  • Hydro Flask travel coffee mug and Contigo coffee mug- the best-insulated travel coffee mug
  • W&P Porter mug- the best ceramic mug

Wrapping Up

A coffee mug plays a vital role in serving and enjoying coffee. Here we have tried to guide you with some details about coffee mugs. They will help you to select the best coffee mug as per your need.