6 Amazing Types Of Tea Caddy You Must Have

Here we’ll help you find the answer to a question that might come to your mind when you get up; what tea caddy is? So, let’s find out what tea caddies are:

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What is a tea caddy?

Tea caddies are containers with partitions to store tea. In easier words, tea caddy is a tea boxes where one can store tea leaves for using them regularly. Tea caddies are not only tea boxes but something more than that. Tea caddy represents a period when the container was launched for the first time and the chronology associated with it. Tea caddies are generally referred as tea canisters, tea containers, tea organizers, tea tins or sometime just tea holders.

The term “caddy” comes from the Malaysian word “Kati,” which means nearly one pound in weight. The earlier tea caddies that reached Europe were of the same size and shape. This was a Chinese tea caddy made of Chinese porcelain. The caddies had lids for keeping the tea leaves dry, and they were blue and white-colored. Tea caddy box popular as “tea canisters’ instead of caddies before the 1800s.

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Types of Tea Caddies

There are various types of tea caddies such as Japanese tea caddy, tea bag caddy, wooden tea caddy, kaikado tea caddy, antique tea caddy, and many more. Following are some tea caddy types:


Natsume Tea Caddy
Natsume Tea Caddy

Natsume is a wood-made conventional tea box, and it has a nice golden lacquer decoration called Makie. The famous artist Sen-no-Rikyu used Natsume in the tea festival from where it became famous. Before that, it was used as medicine containers. Even today, Natsume is renowned for its use in the Tea festivals.

Usually, the hikiya tea boxes like Nasu shaped like an eggplant, and bunrin shaped like an apple is called Natsume. On the other hand, hikiya for katatsuki, a container with protruding top parts, is known as Nakatsugi. But both types of hikiya are called Natsume together. They are categorized as large, medium, and small Natsume.

  • Oh-Natsume is the large Natsume (8 cm)
  • Chu-Natsume is the medium Natsume (standard size 6.6cm)
  • Sho-Natsume is the small-sized Natsume (standard size 5.0cm)
  • Hira-Natsume is the Usucha tea organizer, and it is flat-shaped (3.2cm in size)


Chaire Tea Caddy

Chaire tea caddy is used to contain thick green tea. It is one of the costlier tools involved in tea ceremonies. Previously, a damiyo would offer it as a reward to samurai, who helped in arm deeds during the wars. Tea festivals were popular in Japan at that time, and samurai observed this tea-caddy as the symbol of their status.

Katatsuki Chaire

Katatsuki Chaire Tea Caddy

Katatsuki Chaire has an angle that looks like a shrugged shoulder. It expands lightly from torso to waist and has a taper base finishing. It got its name due to its elevated shoulders.

Nasu Chaire

Nasu Chaire Tea Caddy
Nasu Chaire

The term “Nasu” comes from the container’s shape that looks like an eggplant. There is a conception that Nasu Chaire was previously used as oil pots in China. But after landing in Japan, they were utilized for tea, and they are thought to be the highest quality Chinese tea holder.

Bunrin Chaire

Bunrin Chaire Tea Caddy
Bunrin Chaire

Burnin Chaire looks like an apple. It is a remarkable Chinese craft, a tiny container with an excellent shape. There are some particular types of Bunrin and Jukou, Honnoji, Hamuro, and Chikushi are some famous Bunrin types.

Taikai Chaire

Taikai Chaire Tea Caddy
Taikai Chaire Tea Caddy

Taikai is a particular design of tea box. The word “Taikai” means vast ocean, and the top of the pot is extensive. It is a large, flat, round-shaped tea canister with horizontal shoulders and wide openings.

Generally, Taikai Chaire is utilized for Koicha or thick tea, and Usucha is thin tea.


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