8 Types of Tea Cups : How To Choose The Best One

Tea cups are meant for having different types of tea. They usually have smaller handles that can be held with the thumb or with two/or three fingers. Various types of tea mugs and cups are available in the market, made of multiple materials and designs for different occasions. Here we will discuss types of teacups and types of teacup materials. Let’s get started:

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Types of Tea Cups

There are various types of teacups available in the market. They include:


Ceramic cup

Ceramic cup
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Stoneware Tea Cups

Stoneware Tea Cups
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Bone China Tea Cup

Bone China Tea Cup
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Double-walled glass cups

Double-walled glass cups

Vintage Tea Cups

Vintage Tea Cups
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Lid Tea Cups

Lid Tea Cups
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Types of Material Used for Tea Cups

Various materials are used to make the best teacups, but the best materials among them are described hereunder:


Maximum teacups are made of ceramics. Ceramic means the clay pots that are made in kilns, including porcelain, terracotta, and stoneware. The cups made of ceramics are suitable to look at and also durable. This material is able to retain heat for an extended time because of its porosity, can resist higher temperatures, and prevents any other taste from destroying the taste of the tea.

Porcelain and Bone China

Porcelain and Bone China cups have been the best materials for the cups made for drinking tea. Porcelain is highly non-porous, and it doesn’t react to chemicals due to vitrified glaze. It is made with a combination of bone ash and clay. Maximum British tea wares are made of porcelain and bone china.


Glass is the perfect material for elegant tea sets, and they are also used for tea brewing. The glasses that are vitrified don’t react to the tea but can quickly lose their heat if it is less thick. The double-walled glass-made cups are the best to use as they can retain heat for a longer time, and they are easy to use.

Stainless Steel

The cups made of stainless steel are the most durable ones. But the materials sometimes fail to do justice to its reputation. There exists an issue of leaching from stainless steel wares. The reason is that scratched materials are used, which cause iron and nickel to leach into the food and drink. Additionally, the steel becomes hot quickly after pouring tea, so it is not easy to drink tea until it becomes cold. As this metal absorbs heat quickly, it transfers heat faster to the whole body of the cup than other materials like porcelain or ceramic.


There are plastic teacups available in the market in stoneware and clay cups. But experts never recommend them. If you use them, always ensure that it is made in a toxic-free way and prevent leaching. Otherwise, it would be best to avoid plastic cups.

How To Choose a Perfect Tea Cup?

Every tea deserves a suitable teacup because after plucking to serving, everything it comes in contact with affects its taste and quality. Therefore, boiling to serving is highly important, and the cups are the last significant part of serving tea. So, consider some qualities before selecting a cup. They include:


The non-porous material is essential for cups because it will contain the original flavor and taste of the tea. So, always select cups that are made of non-porous material.

Heat retaining capacity

It is essential for a cup to retain the heat that will not allow the tea to cool down faster. Moreover, a cup with a broader rim can’t retain heat like cups with a narrow edge. Ceramic mugs can keep the tea hot for a longer time than thin cups.

Thin edge

A thin edge is essential for the cups you choose as it allows the liquid to flow easily. So, you can enjoy your tea spontaneously.

Chemically safe

Your cups must be chemically safe and prevent leaching. Therefore, it is better to avoid plastic cups as they are unsafe to use.


So, here we have discussed the materials that made the best teacups, the types of teacups, and the qualities you need to consider while selecting a cup. We hope it will help you buy the perfect one according to your need.

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