Top 11 Indian Coffee Brands

Coffee is the one of most popular beverages in the world. For coffee lovers a good cup of coffee set their whole day. Surprisingly, coffee is grown in more than 50 countries in South America, Central America, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Nearly 25 million farmers worldwide depend upon coffee crops for their economic livelihood. Indian coffee brands are the world most popular coffee brands from decades

India ranked the seventh most coffee producing country in the world. According to data in 2021 India produced 348,000 metric tons coffee. The country accounts for 3.14% (2019-20) of the global coffee production. It is third largest exporter in Asia. By the greatest producer and exporter, the coffee brands in Indian are worldwide popular. So here we put together the list of best Indian coffee brands that will deliver finest coffee to your doorstep.

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Levista Coffee

Levista Coffee

Levista coffee is one of the best coffee powders in the country that has touched several lives in the last 60 years. Continuing the legacy of SLN, the parent company Levista is a coffee brand that can make your day better at all times.

With their own coffee plantations in Coorg, Levista coffee has different types of coffee powders that fulfil the coffee needs of every coffee enthusiast. Levista’s coffee beans consist of the two most common coffee plants Arabica and Robusta, which makes the correct mixture of coffee and chicory required for every coffee type. The available coffee types are instant coffee, filter coffee and flavoured coffee powders.

Why LEVISTA coffee?

  • Perfectly grounded coffee
  • Traditional Coorg coffee
  • 100% organic coffee powder
  • Unique coffee flavours
  • Best caffeinated coffee

BRUIndia’s Tastiest Coffee


Bru is one of the top Indian coffees brand. It was India’s first coffee- chicory mix instant coffee. BRU Instant Coffee was launched in 1968. Since then, it remained India’s no. 1 coffee brand. A pouch of bru instant coffee is a product of Hindustan unilever limited. It is made from the fine blend of the choicest plantation and Robusta beans.

 Bru instant coffee can be used to make an odoriferous cup of hot coffee and invigorating glass of cold coffee. Bru has various offering for their distinct consumer- BRU Instant and BRU Gold in Instant coffee, BRU Green Label and BRU Select in Filter coffee. 

If you are a fan of Indonesian Coffee, get kopi coffee has some best offerings.

BLUE TOKAI- Coffee Roasters


Blue Tokai Coffee has best plantations across south India. Matt Chitharanjan is Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters. It offers roasted and Arabica coffee beans. Blue tokai has its own large coffee plantation in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala where both Arabica and Robusta coffee are grown under the shade of a wide variety of trees.

Blue tokay coffee packs come in unique flavors like Vienna Roast, French Roast, Cold Brew Blend Bold, Baarbara Estate Arabica and tons more



Flying squirrel is one of the India’s leading coffee brands which deliver’s amazing coffee around town from the lush Tej’s farm in Coorg which is a beautiful district in Karnataka, south India.  Flying Squirrel’s coffee beans go through various different processes of drying and roasting to make sure that consumer get the it’s best taste.

 Flying Squirrel’s coffee beans comes in unique product like aromatique, café chic, clouds in coffee, deep bliss etc.



Black baza coffee is most popular south Indian coffee brand. The founder and CEO of black baza coffee is Arshiya Bose. It works with local coffee growers across Bangalore and BR Hills. this serves the best and most premium quality coffee beans straight from the farm to the costumer.

The fermented Robusta called Black Baza to a light roast in a citrus flavor called the Jumping Ant and the sun-dried Robusta called Luna. There are some famous products of black baza coffee which every customer should try- wanderoo, Ficus, loris, jumping ant, otter, sampler pack and much more.

RAGE COFFEE- The Revolutionary Coffee


Rage coffee is a fearless, original & revolutionary Indian coffee brand company which servers delicious & healthy products. It is an instant coffee brand that also claims to offer the world’s first plant-based vitamin coffee to their consumer. Rage coffee also claims that they use only 100% arabica beans from Harar in Ethiopian Highlands. Bharat Sethi is the Delhi-based founder of Rage Coffee

Rage coffee comes with some exiting flavors of coffee like vanilla bubblegum, mint mocha, butterscotch delight, chai latte, crème caramel, sparky orange, dark chocolate, Irish hazelnut. Some common product of rage Indian coffee brand are world favorite flavoured instant coffee, instant coffee sachet shots, flavoured liquid coffee, cold brew bag, ground coffee etc.

SEVEN BEANS COFFEE- Craft Coffee Roasters


Seven Beans Coffee Company is an Indian coffee brand that offers artisan ‘crop-to-cup’ journey between Indian Coffee Growers and Italian Roasters.  It is founded in 1895 by Advith Shetty. Seven Beans Coffee grow its own coffee and offer ‘Urja’ Medium Dark Roast. Seven beans coffee is grown in the hills of Chikmagalur. It is roasted using traditional Italian techniques to produce exquisite gourmet coffees.

Products of south Indian coffee brand seven beans coffee are “urubage” south Indian filter coffee, “100% arabica” single origin gourmet Indian coffee, “mishta” medium roast, “urja” medium dark roast, woddae coffee, espresso coffee, “agumbe” south Indian filter coffee.

BILI HU COFFEEPassion for Coffee


Bili Hu is an Indian coffee brand that curates its coffee from some of the best coffee states in India, Karnataka. Bill hu coffee brand encourage customer to try coffees brewed in manual filters rather than from the espresso machine. The word Bili Hu comes from Kannada which means white flower of coffee plant, that blooms to signify harvest season. The CEO and founder of bill hu Indian coffee brand is Bharat Singhal.

There are several varieties in bill hu coffee like Mysore nugged extra bold, monsooned Malabar, aghora estate, Arabica coffee blend, clod brew dip bags, Vietnamese coffee blend, cold brew coffee bottles etc.



Sleepy owl owner was passionate about their coffee when we had day jobs as lawyers and bankers. Back then, they were happy satisfaction with finding the right brew during a busy day. The CEO and founder of sleepy owl coffee are Arman, Ajai and Ashwajeet. Sleepy owl is a home ground Indian coffee brand.  Sleepy Owl coffee can be easily brewed at home without any fuss, it is easy to store.

Sleepy owl coffee comes in a delightable of flavors like Mocha, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Cinnamon and more, with a choice of hot & cold brews, beans, and also in ready-to-go packages.

COUNTRY BEAN – Instant Coffee


Every coffee lover want café like coffee at home. So here Indian coffee brand present country bean, café like coffee at home instantly. To ensure that the freshness of the coffee is preserved, country bean coffee is grown in India. The founder and CEO of country bean coffee is Aditi Somani Satnaliwala.

Country Bean offers a number of instant coffees in several of our favorite flavors – Caramel, Vanilla & Hazelnut to name a few. Few products are- hazelnut instant coffee, caramel instant coffee, vanilla instant coffee, coca mint instant coffee, berry instant coffee, coffee chocolate truffles and much more



KC Roasters is the one of the best south Indian coffees. KC Roasters is very particular about brewing blends and techniques. KC Roaster forge partnerships with farmers and share international best-practices with them.  Shannon D’Souza is a funder Indian leading brand KC roasters

It offers different product like kelagur washed, winter expresso blend, doraikanal, valentine blend, attikan estate, kelagur honey, Ratnagiri and much more

These are some popular and soothing Indian coffee brands. The taste of coffee is always determined by its quality of production. Karnataka is the largest coffee producing state in India.  During 2018-19, Karnataka produced 219,550 metric tons of coffee. During 2018-19, Karnataka produced 219,550 metric tons of coffee. It produces more than 70% of total coffee in county. This is the best quote for coffee lover: –

“Power of human mind are directly proportional to the quality of coffee they drink”