The Great Western Coffee Culture – A Coffee Driven Lifestyle

Along with the growing consumption of coffee, the world is witnessing new trends in coffee cultures that overtaken the countries and reshape society. Western countries are not the exception. And in this article, we will talk about the great western coffee culture.

What Is Coffee Culture

The origin of coffee culture can be found long ago in the 16th century in Turkey. Coffee culture is much more than consuming coffee. It illustrates a social environment or a range of social attitudes influenced by coffee, mostly when used as a social lubricant. The term coffee culture also relates to its popularity and acceptance among people throughout the world. It becomes popular and accepted as an energizer by society and its culture. From the late 20th century, espresso has become very popular, specifically for coffee culture in western countries.

 We all know that western countries are rich in culture and intellect. And interestingly, in the late 17th and 18th-century coffee houses became the favorite meet places for poets, writers, artists, and social activists. At the same time, political activists also found it comfortable. Their activity and thought enriched the western countries’ coffee culture and simultaneously influenced the designing of current coffee houses, which continuously instigated the idea of western coffee culture.

How Does Coffee Culture Impacts the Western World and Western Culture?

Over the last few years, coffee consumption surprisingly has been growing worldwide. But the market surveys conducted indicated that the western world is dominating the coffee market among other parts of the world.

What coffee offers to Western cultures is something extra than helping them stay awake for long hours. It provides them the energy to work to the best possible level. People drinking coffee to enjoy their leisure, and it also illustrates the strain of their lifestyle. The coffee culture is part and parcel of western countries because of the environment they are living in. The western coffee culture together reflects the standard of people buying and drinking coffee of the people.

The Great American Coffee Culture

The appearance of Starbucks has impacted the coffee culture of America largely. However, the Americans don’t want to believe the fact. Before Starbucks, the American coffee culture was only to enjoy coffee at home, coffee while having dinner, or office. Starbucks has launched the concept of coffee shop in the American coffee culture and had a significant impact on the entire western coffee culture as well

Americans have customized the coffee hugely. For them, coffee is not only milk, coffee, and sugar, but they also added ice to coffee for having the cold version of it. The coffee culture of America loves to have coffees in larger mugs. A survey has shown that American men prefer to drink very strong and bitter tasted coffee. On the other hand, women prefer sweetness in coffee with enriched flavor.

Presently American coffee culture means to sit in an open coffee shop with laptops enjoying coffee and free Wi-Fi. Many Americans consider coffee as the best to drink openly than club soda. Growing up pop numbers has also contributed a lot to increasing coffee culture in America. It is a must for the Americans to halt at some coffee shops while returning from the workplace; even these shops became the favorite hangout place for some.

The Great European Coffee Culture

A massive variety of coffee is found around the European countries that have enriched the European coffee culture a lot. Europeans possess sound knowledge about coffee, and that makes them enjoy their coffee differently. Unlike some other countries consuming coffee is not a mere formality; instead, it receives the effect of caffeine. Europeans people prefer to enjoy their coffee more than only ‘drinking’ it.

Irrespective of taste, Europeans prefer to enjoy the coffee in a hot form. The cafes in Europe define the western coffee culture and offer to know the people’s culture.

In Europe, Italy is known as the home for good coffee. It is Italy that discovered the espresso coffee machine. Italians enjoyed an espresso at any time of the day whereas, a cappuccino is only drunk with morning breakfast. They prefer to enjoy some sweet croissants as an accompaniment to cappuccino. For Italians, milk in the cappuccino is like a meal, so they avoid it at other times of the day.

While England is more famous for its’ British tea culture, the coffee culture in the UK is also a tradition for long historical years. But in the beginning, tea was served in the coffee shops. Recent surveys have shown that the United Kingdom coffee culture increases with 70% of people there consume coffee over tea. The coffee culture in London, as mentioned earlier, is also ancient and cater to the coffee culture in Europe. Even the coffee houses there influenced the décor of recent coffee houses.

Other than these countries, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Turkey, Norway, Iceland, and many more contribute to the sophisticated European coffee culture and apparently the Western Coffee Culture.

Coffee Culture in Australia

Australian coffee culture is one of the most progressive worldwide, and there are many things to learn from Australia’s coffee culture. They are very much concerned about the quality and taste of the coffee. The coffee shop owners are also unique and exclusive in the continent like its’ people. Like many, the Australian coffee culture also means to enjoy coffee with the surrounding and shares the common culture with entire Western Coffee Culture.

Western Coffee culture is very much incorporated into the lives of Australian people. They can have coffee at any time of the day. Australian coffee culture prefers quality over quantity. They are ready to pay some more amount to get a good quality of the coffee.

In Finland, they prefer to have hand-brewed filter coffee or espresso from the local cafes than to prepare one at home. In Sydney, the delicious coffee breakfast is the biggest attraction of the coffee shops. It is sure that if people spend some quality time at these cafes’ they will remain light and stress-free for the rest of the day.

As Australians prefer to have the quality of coffee, Starbucks fails to rule the coffee culture in Australia. Instead, baristas are preferable for the Australian people making it a little different from the rest of the Western Coffee Culture.

Coffee Culture in New Zealand

In maximum cases, most New Zealand people begin their day by taking a relishing sip of coffee. And coffee culture in New Zealand is the most discussed matter other than the politics and weather.

Coffee culture holds a prominent position in New Zealand. The flat white was the coffee type that New Zealand explored first, and it is one of the most desired forms of coffee in the Western Coffee Culture.

For having a flat white coffee, Loretta of Wellington can be the best option. People can enjoy the coffee there by reading books or newspapers, or only watching the outside activities while sitting on comfortable chairs. The atmosphere of the café is appropriate to work as a stress buster along with a cup of flat white.


So, here we have discussed the great western coffee culture. However, every continent has a different style or choice to enjoy coffee that has given birth to the unique culture of enjoying the world’s most favorite hot beverage.