Top 10 Indian Tea Brands

India is a land of different religion. Every religion has it’s own and different snacks and beverages. But the one beverage or drink that can bring each and everyone together is “Tea”. Tea was originally introduced in China but now is consumed all around the globe. Earlier in India tea was used as a medicine to cure cold and fever. In some places people still use tea as a cure for many disease. Lets discuss about top Indian Tea Brands today.

Earlier people only use to drink milk tea but nowadays there are different kind of tea. In India tea is commonly known as Chai. And the most common type of tea which Indians love is “Masala Chai”. In India the state which produces the largest amount of tea is West Bengal. So today in this article we will know about the Top 10 Indian Tea Brands.

Girnar Tea

Girnar Tea is an Indian Tea Brand launched in 1978. This company was started by Mr.Harendra Shah and Mr.Pravin Bhansali. Girnar Tea Company is established in Mumbai, India. 

This Indian tea company will offers you so many different flavour of tea. These different flavour will give you different energy every time you drink the tea. Some famous and refreshing flavours of Girnar tea are:-

  1. Girnar Lemongrass Chai. This is a very unique flavour of tea. This tea will gives you a sweet taste of ginger along with a slight touch of lemony flavour. This is a very refreshing flavour of tea.
  2. Girnar Cardamom-Saffron Chai.This tea comes with a delicious flavour of cardamom along with a touch of saffron.

Wagh Bakri Tea

Wagh Bakri is a famous Indian tea brand in our list of top Indian Tea Brands. This was founded by Narandas Desai in 1980. The headquarters of Wagh Bakri is located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India. Wagh bakri offers a wide range of tea like:-                                              

  1. Wagh Bakri Elaichi Tea. This tea provides you a delightful taste of Elaichi.      
  2. Wagh Bakri Spiced Tea. This tea will gives you a great flavour of Indian spices. These spices will give you a refreshing taste.

Wagh bakri has a huge number of costumer not only in India but also around the world.

Organic India

As the name suggest this Indian tea brand make organic tea. This Indian tea brand was founded by Bharat Mitra and Bhavani Lev in 1997.

Organic India provides tea in different flavors. Some of them are:-              

  1. Tulsi Green Tea Classic. This is a herbal green tea. This tea is consist of natural herbs. These herbs are good for your health and your metabolism. These green tea comes in different flavour also like Tulsi Green Tea Pomegranate and Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger.
  2. Tulsi Ginger Turmeric Tea. This tea gives you a nice flavour ginger with a small part of turmeric. Both these ingredients helps in detox your body.

 Along with tea Organic India deals with many other edible items. Rather than India, Organic India sells it’s products in US, UK and Canada.

Tata Tea

This India Tea Brand comes under the Tata Consumer Product Limited. The headquarters of this Indian Tea Brand is located in Kolkata, India.

Tata is a leading company in so many sector. Sector like Tata steal, Tata motor and many more. In every sector Tata offers amazing service with a wide range of products. Now, Tata has claim there name in Top Indian Tea Brands by offering so many different tea’s like:-

  1. Tata Tea Agni. This is one of the best tea leaf tea. This tea offers the best chai patti. Which gives the perfect colour and aroma to the  tea.
  2. Tata Tea Gold. It is one of the finest tea offered by an Indian tea company. This tea offers you a perfect cup of tea whenever you want.

Taj Mahal

It is one of the best and famous Indian tea brands. This tea comes under luxury tea of India. This tea will gives you a beautiful golden-orange color whit a wonderful aroma.

This will provide you the best chai patti obtained from Assam. Every single sip of this tea will gives you an amazing taste. This tea comes in different flavour like:-

  1. Royal Saffron Tea. This tea will give you the perfect and mesmerizing taste of saffron. This tea will helps you to release all your stress.
  2. Mint Masala Tea. This tea will provide you an amazing minty flavour with great combination of masala. This is tea best tea to open your mind if you want to think creatively.


 It is one if the best Indian green tea brand. It’s headquarter is located in Kolkata, India.

It offers you the best green tea leaves in the best Indian tea bag. It is also available in tea powder. It even comes in different flavour like:-

  1. Tetley Green Tea Lemon and Honey. This will give the consumer a sour but tangy lemon flavour with the sweetness of honey.
  2. Tetley Green Tea Long Leaf. If you want to know the original taste of Green tea then this is the best Green tea for you. It comes along with long leaves which enhance it’s flavour.

Society Tea

Society tea is an Indian tea brand started in 1933 by Hiravan Pranjivandas. It’s headquarter is located in Mumbai, India.

This brand is quite famous in Maharashtra. Along with Maharashtra it sells it’s tea in other states like Goa, Tamil Nadu and many more. It will offer you some amazing tea like:-

  1. Society Dust Tea. This tea comes in the form of powder. If you are looking for a strong and refreshing drink then this is the best drink.
  2. Society One Minute Tea Ginger Lemongrass. This tea comes in tea bags so you can make it in one minute or less.

Marvel Tea

This Indian tea company was started in 1994. It brings you the pure taste of tea leaves from Assam and Darjeeling.

Marvel tea comes in different variety and flavours. So people can choose according to their preference. Different flavour comes with different aroma like:-

  1. Marvel Rozana Tea. This is a black tea. If you are looking to start your day with an amazing energy then this tea is for you.
  2. Marvel Red Tea. This tea cmes under the category of luxury tea of India. This tea will give you a sweet taste with a sweet aroma.

Red Label

It is a top Indian tea brand which was started in 1969. If you love to drink strong tea then this tea is made for you. It can also give a nice and delightful flavour like:-

  1. Red Label Natural Care. This tea will gives you an amazing flavour and aroma of Cardamom and Basil .These ingredients will helps you to get a nice sleep.
  2. Red Label Ginger. This tea will gives you a perfect flavour of Ginger. This will helps you to fight from diseases like fever and cold.

Taaza Tea

With a unique flavour and aroma Taaza has become one of the beat Indian tea. This tea contains amazing ingredients which work as a refreshing agent for your brain. It also comes in different flavour like:-

  1. Taaza Masala Chaska. This tea contains a perfect mix of Indian spices. These spices will gives your brain a fresh start.
  2. Taaza Chai. This is a plain but strong and refreshing tea.