Wine Quotes – 40+ Classy and Funny Wine Quotes To Impress

Wine quotes have always co-existed with different types of wine. Some of the witty and classic wine quotes are probably as old as the first wine ever. However, with the changing times and ever developing sense of humour, quotes for wine have come a long way. If you are a wine enthusiast and love to impress your friends with your wine knowledge, sayings related to wine can bring another angel to your great wine knowledge.

Let’s check out some classy yet funny wine sayings that you can use during any of your drinking sessions. Make sure to impress people around with these wine quotes and be a wine guru.

“My only regret in life is that I did not drink more wine”
Ernest Hemingway
Tip To Survive a Week – WINESDAY
Decanting improves quality, be it thoughts or Wine.
“Compromises are for relationships, not Wine”
– Sir Robert Scott Caywood

Other Interesting Wine Quotes

“A little wine and you’ll feel better.”

“Never count your age and wine glasses”

“Wine is a bottle of poetry”

“Drink wine as you don’t get the chance to live again”

“Love the wine, live the moment”

“Be happy as wine is there”

“Happiness is home and wine”

“Don’t waste time in drinking bad wine”

“Wine yourself when in pensive mood”

 “A good wine offers the best time”

Funny Wine Quotes

“Wine: because adulting is hard.”

“I never met a wine I didn’t like.”

“Wine: because sometimes, you just need to get drunk on class.”

“Wine: because one bottle is never enough.”

“Wine: a drink to forget all your troubles, except the one that’s coming in the morning.”

“Wine: because a bad day deserves a good bottle.”

“I put the ‘win’ in ‘wine’.”

“Wine: because sometimes, you need to drown your sorrows in something that tastes better than your life.”

“Wine: the liquid courage to face another day.”

“Wine: the adult version of a juice box.”

Short Wine Quotes

“Wine: a glass of sophistication.”

“Wine: the nectar of the gods.”

“Wine: the perfect pairing for a good conversation.”

“Wine: the elixir of relaxation.”

“Wine: the taste of celebration.”

“Wine: a sip of luxury.”

“Wine: the ultimate indulgence.”

“Wine: a glass of elegance.”

“Wine: the liquid embodiment of good times.”

“Wine: the cherry on top of a good day.”

Motivating Wine Quotes

“Wine is not just a drink, it’s a way of life.”

“Wine is the celebration of life.”

“Wine is the embodiment of happiness.”

“Wine is the elixir of positivity.”

“Wine is the fuel for the good times.”

“Wine is the reminder to live in the moment.”

“Wine is the taste of success.”

“Wine is the sip of inspiration.”

“Wine is the motivation to make every day count.”

“Wine is the kickstart to a great evening.”