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Rhythm Winery : House of Fruit Wines

Rhythm winery is a part of Hill Crest Foods and Beverages Private Limited. The brand is on a mission to create exquisite wines from various fruits. They aim to produce the best fruit wine variety that wine lovers will not only cherish but also remember the taste forever. The company believes that high-quality wine can be made only with equally high-standard fruits. And the company is fortunate that the local climate is suitable for producing high-quality fruits.

Rhythm winery

Rhythm winery is India’s first company to produce wines from fruits other than grapes. The company feels that fruit wines go best with the Indian climate and soil and are flavorful and excellent tasty. Wine lovers can pair any dish with Rhythm fruit wines. Wine lovers love the tasting notes as they can relate to the aromas of fruit. The fruit wines Rhythm produces are off-dry and contain sweet notes, which adds to their popularity.

Rhythm winery is located at Khadakwasla, Maharashtra, and produces the most flavorful and aromatic fruit wines that can be a suitable replacement for a foreign fruit beer.

The director of the company Vidita Mungi has told in an interview that they have been started their initiative by making strawberry and pineapple wines. Some years later, they have included kiwi, plum, peach, and the alphonso mango variety in their collection.

One thing the company is making clear is that their wines are not fruit-flavored. Instead, the fresh fruits are collected, seasoned for crafting exclusive fruit wines. The wines are preserved for a year before they are sent to the market for sale. The company gathers strawberries from Panchgani and Mahabaleswar and Alphonso from Ratnagiri, where they are cultivated. The company is planning to launch mulberry wine soon.

It’s a treat for mango lovers to have Alphonso wine. Nevertheless, all of their wines can be consumed before and after having lunch and dinner. Not only that, whenever you have their wines, you can experience the great fruity taste and aroma. Two hundred shops in Mumbai sell Rhythm wine, and many shops in Mumbai and other Maharashtrian shops also sell the Rhythm product.

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Rhythm offers their wine at a reasonable rate. The price of their wine starts from Rs280 for a 375ml liquor.

Rhythm wines

The best Rhythm wines are

  • Strawberry Rhythm wine
  • Alphonso Rhythm wine
  • Pineapple Rhythm wine
  • Plum Rhythm wine
  • Peach Rhythm wine
  • Kiwi Rhythm wine

Premium blend Rhythm wines

While crafting wines with other fruits, the management found the flavors of raspberry and mulberry flavors highly enticing. They decided to create two premium blend wines which are even more fantastic in taste and flavor. So, they have agreed to offer raspberry and mulberry as their premium wine range.

There are very subtle aromas of the fruits that can transform any simple meal into a sumptuous one. You can pair them with anything like cheese, kinds of pasta, or any other Indian side dishes and main courses. But it would be best to serve them at 8 to 100 Celsius because then you can experience its delicate exotic taste at its best.

Other events

Rhythm wines have partnered with various events. They are the beverage partner at events like Lakme fashion week and Art for Concern. They have participated in wine festivals of Mumbai and Pune from 2006-2007. Rhythm also organizes Holi party where they serve their wines to their guests.

Contact info: To learn more about Rhythm winery, you can call them at +91-9881735946 or can mail them to Their address is Hill Crest Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Taluka Haveli, Narhe Survey 25/11, district: Pune, State: Maharashtra.