How to Drink Wine : Step By Step Guide

As a wine lover, it is not necessary to have any idea related to technical terms. It is also not required to know everything about various types of wine. But it is always better to have an urge to try something new. So, here are some suggestions for you regarding how to drink wine. It will help wine lovers, especially beginners, to feel more confident while arranging any party.

Our article will include how to select a wine, taste a wine, and serve it to your guests. So, let’s get started:

How To Taste Wine

In this section, we will share some tips that will help a wine lover experience the taste of wine and its notes at their best.

Ask for suggestions

If you are a beginner or have little experience, it would be best to ask which wines are the best. Experienced wine shop owners are the best people to recommend you a wine. But if there is no such shop near your area, you may get them at any food-marts or grocery stores. They will suggest wines according to the taste and flavors of the wine you prefer to have.

In case you are looking to have the wine with any special menu, then please inform them. They will help you to choose wines that go perfectly with your extraordinary dish.

Select a wine

While selecting a wine, it’s crucial to remember that there are wide wine varieties. Therefore, you need to have an opinion regarding which qualities of wine you would like to have. Like there are full-bodied wines, light-bodied wines, sweet wines, dry wines, etc.

To choose the right one, you need to know which wines tasted how. The word body in full or light-bodied wines means how the wine feels after sipping. Sweet and dry are opposite terms in wine, so you have to choose whether you want sweetness or want little bitter tasted wines.

According to the acidity, the wine is categorized as crisp and soft. Any wine with higher acidity contents is crisp, and wines that have lower acidity contents are smooth.

There are red, white, and rose wines. You can go for any of them according to the qualities you are searching for in your wine.

Pour a tiny amount before having a full glass

It is better to have small sips of wine to decide whether you can have a full glass or not. It will help you to determine if you like the taste and aroma of the wine and can have it further.

Feel the aroma

Move the wine into the glass to place it on a broad surface. The wine can come in air contact due to whirling, and its flavor enhances. Experience the taste while moving your wine into the glass. Usually, wines contain flavors of various fruits, flowers, spices, and herbs.

Please remember the overall wine taste is a mixture of aroma and smell. Therefore, never skip smelling the wine.

Taste your wine

Always drink your wine in small portions at first to feel the taste. Try to sustain the wine for 5 to 10 seconds before we swallow the drink. It will offer you the right flavor of the wine. Once you consume the alcohol, try to feel the aftertaste and finish. A good finish of a wine is necessary to enjoy the after-effects for some more time.

How To Drink Wine

The next step is to drink the wine. It would be best to follow the suggestions discussed below.

Sip the wine: If you want to enjoy the wine at its best, sip it slowly in small portions. Try to hold the wine for some time in your mouth before devouring. This will help you to feel the tasting notes and aroma of your wine. There are different techniques to drink white and red wines, which is following:

How to drink red wine?

Red wine is rich in aroma, and it tastes better when drinking slowly. You can have red wines with dinner or dessert. Sip it slowly, hold it in your mouth to enjoy the notes. Every time move your wine in the glass before sipping. This will help your wine to get even more oxidized.

How do you drink white wine?

You can have white wines as your own choice as they go well with every food. This wine is highly refreshing. Drink a small portion of white wine at once, hold it into the mouth to absorb the tasting notes, and then swallow it.

How do you drink rose wine?

Rose wines are best to have chilled. So, please keep it in the fridge for a minimum of thirty minutes to a maximum of three hours before having or serving it.

How to drink champagne or sparkling wine?

It is better to store them in a cool and dry place. A flute is required to ensure that the wines remain bubbly as much as possible.

Have good wine and food pairing

It is crucial to have a proper food pairing to enjoy the wine. If you can’t pair your wine with appropriate food, you will miss the real enjoyment. There are few considerations before paring your wine with any food. There is an article on wine and food pairing on our website. You can check that for understanding how to pair wine and food. Also check the wine and cheese pairing concepts.

Change wines

It would be better not to stick to any single wine or flavor. Instead, taste various types of wine. For beginners, it would help if they start from soft-bodied and then gradually go for heavy, full-bodied ones. Similarly, first tried the sweet ones, then go for the dry ones. If you want to have wines with dinner, then start with white wine Chardonnay. Then you can switch to have red wines with dinner. If you have wines with dessert, then sweet red wines are perfect to have.

How To Serve Wine:

This step is highly significant for hosting wine parties. For serving wine properly, you need to follow some steps like:

Open the bottle of your wine

Wines are packed in different types of bottles. Maximum bottles have screw caps or corks. Bottles with screw caps can be opened easily. You should open the caps like you open the caps of other bottles. Corks are a bit tricky to open. But if you have a corkscrew, then you will face no problem opening it. But if you don’t have it, then a sommelier knife will do. Check all the details about wine cork.

Wine temperature should be maintained

Wine can offer the best taste when served at the right temperature.

Top red wines offer the best notes while serving at a temperature between 55-and-65 degree Fahrenheit. It is a little cooler than normal room temperature. If you keep your wine in an ice bucket or freezer ten minutes before serving, your wine will be at the desired temperature.

White wines should be served at a temperature between 41-48 degrees Fahrenheit. White wines should be refrigerated. So, to serve it at the right temperature, remove it from the fridge twenty minutes before the time to serve it.

Pour wine in the right wine glass

There are separate glasses available to serve various wines. You need to select the right wine glass to serve red, white, rose wines, champagnes.

Pouring the wine into glass

The serving process of red and white wines is not the same. Ensure that we run the right amount so that your guests can enjoy the wine to the fullest.


So, here we have shared some tips regarding how to drink wine properly. We hope this will be helpful for beginners to enjoy their wine at its best.