10 Best Moscato Wines To Try in 2023

Moscato wine is famous for the sweetness of peach aroma and blossom of orange about all types of wines. The name Moscato originates from Italy, which means Muscat Blanc, one of the earliest grape varieties globally. Here we will discuss Wine Moscato in detail. Let’s get started:

What is the Moscato Grape?

Muscat Wine Grape
Muscat Grape

Although the term “Moscato” offers a prediction of excellent pink wine, it is only an Italian grape variety. Different varieties of Moscato grow through the Italian region and offer others a superb combination of sweet sparkling wine.

Moscato Bianco is thought to be the best of the Moscato family, produced for nearly 800 years. It forms the base of the most popular Moscato d’Asti, the taste which top brands try to imitate.

The Muscat grapes are cultivated globally, including Australia, France, South America, but wherefrom they originated is still unknown. However, some people thought that it had some relation with ancient Egypt.

There are over 200 varieties of Muscat grapes. Muscat Blanc a Petits and Muscat of Alexandria are the most familiar. Muscat grapes are available in various colors like Pink Moscato, red, white, brown, black, etc. Golden-yellow Muscat Blanc a Petits are mainly used to make wines, whereas Muscat of Alexandria is used as grape and to make raisins.

Muscat grapes are cultivated in the warm Mediterranean climate of Italy. They are grown in Piedmont and Trentino Alto-Ridge, and Sicily and Pantelleria in southern Italy. But all the regions produce exclusive Moscato wine, and they have particular traits.

What is Moscato Wine?

Moscato is a sweet Italian wine made from Muscat grapes with moderate to low acidity.

Muscat is an Italian name that means Moscato. In various countries, Moscato has different names. Therefore, Moscato is sold in multiple terms in other countries. However, renowned wine companies of California and Australia also make some light-fizzy wines with a touch of sweetness in the name of Moscato. These wines are not produced in Italy, but they are produced in the Moscato manner.

Wine Moscato can be both still or sparkling or fortified. Moscato d’Asti, a light, and bubbly wine and the most familiar and common perception of wine lovers when they hear Moscato. Unlike the notes of Sauvignon Blanc or Albarino, the tasting notes of Moscato are sweet, aromatic, and fruity. Muscat grapes contain high sweetness, but their acidity level is low. This combination creates a sweet taste which is a feature of the wine.

In one sip of Moscato, you can feel different notes, fragrances, and fruity of the peach, apricot, orange, elegant flavor of flowers like a rose petal and elderflower.

Types of Moscato wine:

As the Muscat grapes are available in comprehensive variety, it produces a diverse range of Moscato wines. Many of the Moscato wine varieties are scarcely known in the USA. To taste the best Moscato wines, one needs to visit Italy. Below are some types of Moscato wines:

Moscato d’Asti


It is a Moscato sparkling wine that is light golden in color. It is hailed from the northwestern Piedmont locality. The ABV is light in this sparkling wine (5.5%). It is a sweet and soft wine with gentle bubbles in it. This feature makes d’Asti perfect for having dessert.


Asti is another full sparkling Moscato produced in the same region as d’Asti. But the two are entirely different in flavor and taste. Asti is loaded with sweetness, and ABV percentage is also higher in it than d’Asti.

Moscato Rosa

Moscato Rosa

This is a sweet still Moscato wine produced from reddish-purpled skin Muscat grapes found in the Trentino Alto-Adige area. This wine is deep ruby-red, and spicy berry essence is its dominating flavor.

Moscato Giallo

Moscato Giallo

This is golden-colored still wine made in the Trentino Alto-Adige area. It contains the flavors of flowers and spices like cinnamon, grapefruit, and orange blossom. The Moscato Giallo is drier than other Moscato wines.

Moscato di Pantelleria

Moscato di Pantelleria
Moscato di Pantelleria

It is a wine of Muscat Alexandria grapes and made in Pantelleria. It is amber in color and carries the smell of apricot. There is a variety of Pantelleria. It is used as a dessert wine and created from the Muscat grapes that are dried.

Moscato Canelli

Moscato Canelli

This wine can be still and sparkling in Moscato d’Asti manner. This wine is typical of the Moscato wines made in Washington or California region.

Moscato in the USA

The sales of Moscato wine in the United States have been growing since 2010.  Some brands in the country have a 100% growth in sales, whereas some big brands fail even to fulfill the growing demand. Some famous American Moscato brands include Barefoot Moscato, Woodbridge, Sutter Home pink Moscato, Beringer. Some favorite Moscato wines in the USA are:

Moscato white wine

This wine can be still or a little sparkling. Moscato white wine contains floral and rich fruity flavors.

Moscato pink

It is almost white Moscato with a tinge of red wine. Big Australian and USA brands follow its style of still or light-sparkling.

Moscato red wine

This wine is a combination of white and other Moscato like Syrah and Zinfandel. It is near the pink Moscato.

Moscato sparkling wine

This wine has bottomless bubbles like Asti Moscato.

Serving technique of Moscato Wine

Except for fortified Moscato wines, other Moscato wines are tasted the best when served cold. The real Moscato serving temperature depends on their features. Nevertheless, here is a guide that will help you to understand the right temperature to serve Moscato.

  • 400 F is the right temperature to serve sparkling Moscato
  • For still white or pink Moscato 450 F
  • Still, reds tasted the best when served at 500 F
  • 600 to 700 F temperature is the best serving temperature for fortified Moscato.

Famous Moscato wines

Bartenura Moscato

This is a sparkling Moscato wine with wildflower notes. It also contains notes of some fruits like pears, nectarines, apricot, and ripe melons. It is sweet in style.

Barefoot Moscato

Barefoot Moscato wine is a sweet Moscato with juicy peach, lemon, and orange citrus notes. This wine is crisp with a fruity finishing touch.

Barefoot Pink Moscato

This is a sweet pink Moscato wine with juicy cherries, raspberry, and pomegranate hints.

Cupcake Moscato

Cupcake Moscato is a d’Asti with nectarine, honey, and peach aromas.

Castello del poggio Moscato

It is a white Moscato with musk and peach smell. It is light but compact wine that refreshes you at each sip.

Blue Bottle Moscato

This is a sweet Moscato that contains nice acidity of lemon.

Apart from the above mentioned Moscato wines Peach Moscato, Risata Moscato, Fawn Moscato, Sangria Moscato, Poggio Moscato, and Electra Moscato are also very popular.

Moscato wine food pairing

While pairing food with Moscato, it would be better to select balance food. Moscato is sweet; therefore, try to have food that is of opposite tastes with it. Moscato goes perfect with starters, brunch desserts and can be consumed alone.

Non-veg food pairings:

Thai larb, Indian chicken vindaloo curries, chicken wings with tinged habanero, prosciutto, salami go well with Moscato.

Vegetable food pairings:

Tossed crunchy vegetable platter with carrots, celery, cucumbers, and radishes is perfect to have with Moscato d’Asti.

Nuts and dairies:

Salty peanuts, almonds, or pepitas are perfect to have with sweet Moscato wine.

Soft or pungent cheese can also be paired with a glass of Moscato.