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Soma Vine Village – Wines Tour & Other Offerings By Soma Vineyards

Soma vineyards offer a lifetime experience with their exquisite Indian wines and luxurious stays. Soma vine village is situated along with the backwater skirts of Gangapur Dam, and the backwater flows beautifully by the countryside with Sahyadri mountain ranges surrounding it. Soma vineyards have some royal resorts, which are the best Villas in the Nashik region. So, wine lovers can plan a visit to tour Soma winery and taste some exclusive Soma wines.

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Soma Winery and the best time to visit

Soma vineyards provide a wonderful wine tour experience. Regenta resort soma resort nashik is designed in a boutique concept, and the town is placed between Gangapur dam backwaters and the Sahyadri mountain ranges. Here you can enjoy nature at its best. They offer a vineyard field walk along with wine tasting. They have beautiful resorts and stays, restaurants, swimming pools, wine stores, and many more.

Tourists will surely get a magical experience if they come and visit Soma vine village. The calmness of nature, excellent vineyards’ view, and royal designed rooms are perfect for spending a vacation. Tourists can experience the wine-making process and have the opportunity to taste some of their versatile wines. The management also informs the visitors regarding the cultivation method, juice extraction, fermentation process, and preservation.

Soma winery management loves wine dearly, and this love for wine is the source of their hospitality. Soma village has lovely rooms, five-star villas with a 7BHK facility. All rooms are quiet and decorated nicely.

Soma’s winery is a center where the entire wine-making process is taken care of in a systematic way. The authority assigned teams who take care of vines to their harvesting and shifting them to the wine-making room for further proceedings till their packaging. The brand is continuously upgrading its strategies, machinery, and settings to produce top-quality wines.  

It would be best to visit Soma resort nasik between January and March as they are harvesting months.

Check out this amazing video for a quick tour.

Best wines from Soma vineyards

Some best-quality Soma wines are as follow:

  • Anarkali medium sweet Soma wine
  • Anarkali off dry Soma wine
  • Brut Cuvee sparkling Soma wine
  • Brut Reserve Soma wine
  • Chardonnay Reserve Soma wine
  • Chenin Blanc dessert Soma wine
  • Chenin Blanc Gold Soma wine
  • Chenin Blanc Kashmir Honey Soma wine
  • Chenin Blanc Silver Soma wine
  • Dessert Rose Soma wine
  • Pinot Noir Soma wine
  • Riesling Reserve Soma wine
  • Rose Gold Soma wine
  • Sauvignon Blanc dessert Soma Wine
  • Sauvignon Blanc Gold Soma wine
  • Sauvignon Blanc Silver Soma wine
  • Sec Taie Sparkling Soma wine
  • Shiraz Cabernet Silver Soma wine
  • Shiraz Gold Soma wine
  • Shiraz Jamun Honey Soma wine
  • Shiraz Reserve Soma wine
  • Zinfandel Reserve Soma wine
  • Zinfandel Rose Litchi Honey Soma wine

Other offerings of Soma Vine village:

Besides their luxurious rooms, natural beauty, and vineyards, Soma resort nashik has something more to offer its visitors. The other offerings include:

  • Offer guide for tours
  • The authority arranges vineyard walk for the tourists
  • Visitors can visit the wine-making process and can taste some exclusive Soma wines.
  • Grape stomping is also arranged for the tourists.
  • Tourists can plan a picnic with the prior permission of the authority.
  • They arranged a program called cooking with wine


For reaching Soma village, one can hire a car from the nearest airport. It is a 3 hours drive by car from the airport. If anyone is coming by car from Mumbai, it will take 4 hours, and if you are coming from Pune by car, it will be a drive of five and half hours. But it is recommended to book your tours before coming to Soma vine village. Please remember that their check-in time is 2 pm IST, and you have to check out at noon IST. Soma offers some exciting stay and wine tasting combine packages. Tourists need to visit their official page to learn detail about the packages.