Coffee Quotes – 40 Funny, Motivating & Morning Coffee Quotes

Coffee quotes have always co-existed with different types of Coffee. Some of the witty and classic coffee lover quotes are probably as old as the first coffee ever. However, with the changing times and ever developing sense of humour, quotes for coffee lovers have come a long way. If you are a coffee enthusiast and love to impress your friends with your coffee and related knowledge, sayings related to coffee can bring another angle to your great coffee knowledge.

Let’s check out some classy yet funny coffee sayings that you can use during any of your coffee meet-ups and sessions. Make sure to impress people around with these quotes on coffee and be a coffee guru.

Here are some of the coffee lover funny quotes

May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short

Other Interesting Coffee Quotes

It’s only coffee AM to PM”

Happiness, or stress coffee is the best”

Keep calm and drink coffee”

Happiness is a cup of coffee, and raining outside”

Friends, coffee, evening, and nothing like it”

Coffee is in the air like love”

A cup of coffee can be replaced only by another cup”

Good things come with a nice coffee”

Coffee mug in hand, confidence in mind”

 “It’s better to have a bad coffee than not having”

Funny Coffee Quotes

“Coffee is a daily necessity. The bottom of a cup is my kind of ‘grounding’.”

“I can’t adult today, I need a coffee.”

“I like my coffee like I like my war: cold.”

“Coffee, because adulting is hard.”

“I never met a coffee I didn’t like.”

“I put the ‘pro’ in ‘caffeine’.”

“Coffee is the best thing to douse the fire of a hangover.”

“Without coffee, I’m just a shell of a person.”

“Coffee: because you can’t pour hot liquid on your face in public.”

“Coffee: it’s not a drink, it’s a lifestyle choice.”

Short and Morning Coffee Quotes

“Coffee: the lifeblood of the morning.”

“Coffee: the aroma of possibility.”

“Coffee: liquid gold.”

“Coffee: a daily dose of magic.”

“Coffee: the reason I wake up in the morning.”

“Coffee: my morning motivation.”

“Coffee: the ultimate pick-me-up.”

“Coffee: the nectar of the gods.”

“Coffee: the great equalizer.”

“Coffee: the solution to a sleepy day.”

Motivating Coffee Quotes

“Coffee is not a drink, it’s a feeling.”

“Coffee is the spark that lights the fire of productivity.”

“Coffee is the elixir of ambition.”

“Coffee is the fuel for the hustle.”

“Coffee is the aroma of determination.”

“Coffee is the daily reminder to chase your dreams.”

“Coffee is the taste of possibility.”

“Coffee is the sip of inspiration.”

“Coffee is the motivation to make today great.”

“Coffee is the kickstart to a great day.”