7 Delicious Buttery Chardonnay You Will Love

The term buttery Chardonnay means the types of wine that has a butter flavor, smell, texture, or sometimes a combination of all three, made from Chardonnay. “Butter” is mainly associated with Chardonnay. It is s a very famous white wine in France and America. Mainly grapes are used to produce the most sparkling wine in the world.

What is buttery Chardonnay?

Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape that is mainly used to make white wine. It originated in the Burgundy region of France. It is so preferable for winemakers as it is easy to grow. It is like a “blank canvas” as it allows them to input their techniques and leave their imprint. Chardonnay is the most compelling white wine because it is the red wine of whites. It is very much interesting for its barrel fermentation and malolactic. Buttery Chardonnay is not like the wine is buttery or melted butter mixed with wine. It is strongly associated with wines in California.

Buttery Chardonnay is made with chardonnay grapes. After harvesting these grapes. These are fermented to create alcohol, and they undergo a second fermentation to add a buttery aroma and flavor. This process is called malolactic fermentation because it converts malic acid into lactic acid, which gives the wine a creamy, buttery flavor. Malic acid provides this wine with a tart green apple flavor.

Buttery Chardonnay is reach, bold, and luscious as it is made from juicy ripe grapes. The alcohol content of buttery Chardonnay is, on average, 14.8%ABV. It should be served chilled and crisp. It doesn’t contain sugar that messes up with a healthy diet and is smooth enough to drink on an empty stomach. It is not overly oaky, acidic, crisp, or dry.

Top 7 Buttery Chardonnay

Some of the most popular brands of buttery Chardonnay are

  • A3 Chardonnay
  • Bota Box Nighthawk Gold
  • Bread &Butter
  • Brio Bourgogne
  • Buttercream
  • Butterknife

There are 7 buttery Chardonnay which are very delicious. These are



Eden Road “THE LONG ROAD” Chardonnay (alcohol content 13%): this wine is found in Australia’s cool climate. This wine should be taken with mushroom toast. The price is $ 16

STAG’s LEAP Chardonnay

“STAG’s LEAP” Chardonnay

“STAG’s LEAP” Chardonnay (alcohol content 14.2%): this is a famous wine in Napa Valley in California. It is a cheese pairing wine also lovable with roast chicken or seared scallops. The price of this bottle is $25

LOS ALAMOS Chardonnay

LOS ALAMOS Chardonnay

“LOS ALAMOS “Chardonnay (alcohol content 13.5%): This wine from the central coast of California is perfect for a dinner party. Anybody who doesn’t like oaked Chardonnay, this buttery Chardonnay will be palpable for its viscosity and creamy coconut notes. It can pair with burgers. The price is average, $27



CAKE BREADED Chardonnay (alcohol content 14.2%): This is very much famous on the north coast, especially in California Napa Valley. It is mainly minerally flavored Chardonnay. The people can enjoy this with chicken panini or crab. Its average price is $46



STUHLMULLER VINEYARDS RESERVE CHARDONNAY (alcohol content 14.2% ): This wine is rich with notes of vanilla, baked apple, hazelnut, and ripe pear. It is famous in Sonoma county in the USA. It becomes tastier with any chicken dish. The price is average, $48

Radio-Coteauau “ SAVOY”

Radio-Coteauau “ SAVOY”

Radio-Coteauau “ SAVOY” Chardonnay( alcohol content 14.8%): it is very much popular in California. It will be lovely with richly sauced fish dishes and roast chicken. The average price of this wine is $58.



“FAR NIENTE WINERY “ Napa valley estate Chardonnay(alcohol content 14.3%): it is also famous wine in Napa Valley. Anybody can drink it for up to 10 years. The average price is $60.

Chardonnay Food Pairing

Spicy food can’t go with the white wine. But the food rich with buttery flavor will be the best way to compliment the wine. Acidic food like tomatoes must be avoided with this type of wine. There are some foods that the people can pair with a glass of buttery Chardonnay.

  • The cheese will complement this wine better than others. for buttery Chardonnay, goat cheese is the best option
  • A light, delicious chicken dish can be a classic wine pairing. It should be nicely grilled chicken breast, preferably white meat with savory cream sauce.
  • Pasta and creamy fish items are also suitable dishes with a buttery chardonnay.
  • Like chicken, seafood is always a food pairing with a buttery chardonnay—seafood dishes like crab, lobster, shrimp, and mussels. Sometimes pan-seared salmon becomes an excellent complement to this type of white wine.

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Not too sweet but rich in flavor, buttery Chardonnay is enjoyable to drink. It is a good “dessert wine.” It is preferably cool climate wine and very popularly consumed in the USA.