Assam Tea – World Famous Indian Tea

Tea is the most popular beverage all around the globe. Even the production and processing of tea is done all around the world. When it comes to production of tea India comes on the second position. The production of tea was started in India about 200 years ago. According to research India produces over 1.2 million tons of tea per year. And over half of this production is consumed within India itself. One must read about the great Indian Tea culture to understand this love.

History of Assam Tea

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There are many states in India that produces tea. Some major tea producing states are: Assam, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Sikkim and Karnataka. The tea produces in India is consumed by people all over the world. Today in this article we are going to know about one if the finest tea produced in India which is Assam Tea.

Assam is famous for many things but mostly very well know for it’s Tea Gardens. Assam produces about 50% tea of the Indian tea market. It has become the largest tea producing state in India. Also the biggest tea growing region in the world. Assam Tea is a type of Black Tea.  It’s name is derived from the place of it’s origin which is Assam, India.

Assam tea is basically made from a plant know as Camellia Sinensis var Assamica. This plant traditionally grows in the north-eastern Indian state Assam. Assam Tea was discovered by Robert Bruce in 1823. Then the government started the Tea Gardens in Assam in 1833 in the Lakhimapur district.

Assam tea generally grow near the sea level. This tea is famous for it’s body, malty and strong flavour, briskness and it’s bright colour. Tea from Assam is often sold as “breakfast tea”. Mostly English tea and Irish breakfast teas are made using Assam Tea.  Assam tea contains high amount of caffeine then compare to any other tea.

Assam Tea Flavours

Assam has a rainy and moist climate. The tea that grows in this climate is know to be the best of it’s kind. As it gives the pleasure of very refreshing taste and aroma to the consumer. There are many flavours available in Assam tea. The most famous ones are:-                                            

  1. Brisk – It is a very strong tea. This tea has the ability to make the consumer’s mouth pucker. We can also called this astringency. In simple words the strong taste of this tea will make your face muscles or tissue to contract.
  2. Smoky – It gives a very special taste with a special aroma of smoke. To make this smoky flavour the tea will undergo many process. The main and the most important step is to smoke-dry the tea leaves without burning them.
  3. Musky – This refers to a very sweet and strong smell or taste. This tea will gives the consumer a very sweet taste. If you are a fan of drinking a sweet tea then this is a perfect cup of tea for you.
  4. Coca – This tea will gives you a sweet chocolatey flavour. This will helps you to get rid of all your tensions and worry.
  5. Spicy – This tea contains a little touch of Indian spices. And will give the consumer a perfect combination of sweet and spice.

Benefits Of Assam Tea

Assam tea not only give the consumer a perfect taste, joy and aroma of drinking the tea but, it also have so many health benefits.You should drink this without adding milk and sugar into it. Now let’s see some health benefits of Assam tea:-

  1. Generates Antioxidants in your body – Assam tea is a type of black tea. This black tea contains many ingredients like catechins, theatubigins, and theaflavin. All these ingredients will provides the right amount of antioxidant to your body. And everyone knows the benefits of having the right amount of antioxidant.
  2. Improve Heart Conditions – As we already know that Assam tea contains many helpful ingredients. These ingredients also helps in balancing your cholesterol level. By balancing cholesterol it reduces the chances of heart attack or any cardiovascular disease.
  3. Boost Immunity – This tea contains many things which will boost up your immunity by building up a strong immune system. In time of this pandemic everyone needs a strong immune system so this tea is a very good source for powering up your immunity.
  4. Control Diabetes – As we all know that it is a kind of black tea so it does not contains any kind of sugar. Even this tea contains polysaccharide which is well know to absorb glucose. So if you are suffering from diabetes then you should drink this tea. This tea will maintain the glucose levels in your body and helps to control diabetes.
  5. Helps In Reduces Wait – Not only green tea but black tea also contains antioxidant that helps you in reducing wait. The black tea will give boost up your energy and this will increase your metabolism rate. As a result, you will sooner realise that you are loosing wait with doing very less cardio or any other exercise.
  6. Control Blood Pressure – The black tea is consist of many ingredients. Some ingredients will helps you to get relaxed or will reduce your stress. If you are feeling relaxed then your blood pressure will automatically comes in control. This will also reduces chances of any cardiovascular disease.

How To Brew Assam Tea

As we have already learned about Assam tea and it’s benefits. Now it’s time to know that how to make a perfect cup of tea from the Assam black tea. To make a perfect tea you just need to follow these simple steps:-

  1. Take a Assam tea bag and place it in the cup. You can also put one tablespoon loose tea leaves in it.
  2. Heat up the water and bring water to a boil. Then let the water sit just to reduce a slight temperature.
  3. Then pour the water in the cup. Over the tea bag or the tea leaves.
  4. Now according to your taste let the tea leaves sit in the hot water. If you want to drink a light tea then just let the tea leaves sit for about a minute. If you want to drink a strong tea the let the leaves sit for about 3 to 4 minutes.
  5. Then take the tea bag out or strain the leaves out before drinking the tea.

Now the tea is ready so just sit and relax and enjoy the tea.