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The Big Banyan Wines and Vineyard – Top Wines and Price 2022

The land of origin is the secret of excellent taste for every type of wine. The ground, the way of cultivation, and nurturing contribute to the taste of grapes. Big Banyan vineyard utilizes all that nature offers to craft high-quality big banyan wines. It is located in Bengaluru and is an excellent place for wine lovers to spend a weekend. This blog will discuss history, top wines, and other essential information regarding the big banyan vineyard and resort. So, let’s get started:

Big Banyan Vineyard History

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In Bengaluru, there is a giant banyan tree that has been there for 400 years older than the city. The Big Banyan winery and vineyard is located near this banyan tree.

The Chairman of this vineyard, Mr. Paul John, first thought to found a vineyard to create high-quality wine nearly twelve years before. He asked for the help of Italian winemaker Lucio Matricardi. The winery was named “Big Banyan” to honor its ancient neighbor.

Big banyan vineyard is situated in South Bengaluru, outside the central city. The soil and the weather contribute to the cultivation of some great wine varietals. The Italian winemaker Lucio Matricardi has selected a farmer’s team and trained them exclusively regarding delicate matters of growing vines. Lucio with the farmers sow grape plants, nurture them, wait till they are ripe, and then harvest them at the right time.

Big Banyan also uses specific grape varieties from the Nashik and Ramnagar vineyards. The reason is that the weather offers distinct aromas to the grapes grown here. This combination provides excellent taste to Big Banyan wines.

After vines are plucked, they have carefully brought to the wineries. The first Big Banyan winery was established in Goa, and recently they have opened a new branch in Bengaluru.

The Big Banyan wineries carefully handle the winemaking process from plucking grapes to crushing, from pressing to fermentation, and aging. The wines need to go through several quality checks before final packaging.

The Italian winemaker Lucio Matricardi has supported this company to make an exclusive Indian wine collection.

Top Big Banyan Wines

Big Banyan Red Wine collections – Price and Alcohol Percent

The Big Banyan Red wines have intense and plummy undertones. Wine lovers can enhance their winter mood with the Big Banyan red wine collections. Let’s check out some famous Big Banyan red wines and big banyan wine price and big banyan wine tasting notes.

Merlot – 14% ABV, 800 INR/750ml
Big Banyan Merlot
Big Banyan Merlot

The Big Banyan Merlot is a delicate and heavenly smooth red wine. Ripe berries are used to create this wine which offers a plummy not finishing. It goes well with pan-fried steak, lamb, grilled fish, cheese, etc.

Shiraz – 12.5% ABV, 800 INR/750ml
Big Banyan Shiraz
Big Banyan Shiraz

The Big Banyan Shiraz offers fresh berries flavors that suit the hot Indian climate. It can be paired with sweet & spicy barbeque sauces, mushroom risotto, dum biryani, etc.

Cabernet Sauvignon – 13.5% ABV, 800/750ml

The Big Banyan Cabernet Sauvignon has a solid and deep texture. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes cultivated in India make this wine exciting, and the Indian climate is a significant factor behind this. It is better to pair this wine with strong cheese, Punjabi dishes, kormas, gravy dishes, etc.

Big Banyan White wine collectionsPrice and Alcohol Percent

The big banyan white wines are crisp, light, and summery. They are the best to have on picnics, with brunches, and at any breezy time.

Chardonnay – 12.5% ABV, 800 INR/750ml

The Big Banyan Chardonnay is an elegant and rich wine and is capable of enhancing the mood of any occasion. It is best to pair this white wine with salmon fish dipped in a rich sauce, lamb curry, sashimi, buttery items, mashed potatoes with butter, etc.

Viognier – 12.5% ABV, 800 INR/750ml
Big Banyan Viognier
Big Banyan Viognier

The Big Banyan Viognier white wine contains combined fruity & floral aromas, with a golden hue and touch of cloves. It is perfect to have on any Summer-day.

Chenin Blanc – 12.5% ABV, 800 INR/750ml

The Big Banyan Chenin Blanc is an easy-going wine and perfects to have in any mood. It goes well with medium spicy curries, South-Indian dishes, creamy cheese, etc.

Sauvignon Blanc – 12.5% ABV, 800 INR/750ml

The Big Banyan Sauvignon Blanc is the most suitable for Indian summer with herbal flavors. It offers you a feeling of a fantastic garden with fresh grass.

Other offerings by Big Banyan Vineyard and Resort

Big banyan vineyard offers some packages. They arrange wine tours where they offer wine tasting packages such as:

  • Semi premium wine package offers four fruit wines, with Bellissima dessert wine and a Rosa Rossa at Rs. 400.
  • Premium wine package includes two red and two white Big Banyan Wines at Rs. 500.

This winery opens at 11 am, and it is recommended to schedule your appointment before visiting.

Address: No. 8/1, Chunchunkuppe, Tavarakere, Near Big Banyan Tree, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562130

For booking:

Email :

Phone: +91 8040477777