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Grover Zampa Vineyards – Latest Wines and Updated Price 2022

Grover Zampa Vineyards is one of the leading wine-producing companies producing premium quality wine and has bagged many awards in this section. It is one of the oldest winemakers in India. The company possesses a 410 acres vineyard located at the beautiful Nandi foothills in Doddaballapur, nearly 47km away from MG road Bengaluru.

Kanwal Grover established this vineyard in 1988. At present, Vivek Chandramohan is the CEO, and Michel Rolland is the company’s Chief Winemaker.

Grover Zampa Wines & Quality

Both Grover Zampa sites (Nashik and Nandi Hills) allow the brand to use the best things of India. Nandi Hills’ environmental security and Nashik’s calm nature, fertile grounds are suitable for grape cultivation. These favorable natural conditions make this possible for Grover Zampa vineyards to produce the best wine grapes. Grover Zampa has a specially trained team that uses durable methods with unique harvesting by hands. The company’s group concentrates on the gardens to avoid any issues. Grover Zampa-made wines are versatile, and their taste can be distinguished from other wine brands.

Grover Zampa’s team follows the strategy “less is more” to keep themselves motivated to produce high-quality wine. The company always try their best to bring the elegant taste and flavors out of the vines. So, special attention is paid to grape cultivation practices. Wine-making procedures take place in temperature-controlled bottles made with the latest techniques. It ensures the wine quality is not compromised during the production methods. There is a skilled team that supervises the whole wine-making process. The specialized suggestion of Michel Rolland makes the Grover Zampa wines stand apart from the other Indian wines.

Grover Zampa Wine Types and Price

Grover Zampa White Wines Price & Alcohol Content

Grover Zampa-produced outstanding white wines are:

  • Grover Zampa Vijay Amritraj Reserve Collection (white) – 13.5% ABV. Price 2300 INR / 750ml
  • Grover Zampa La Reserve Chardonnay12.5% ABV. Price 3000 INR / 750ml
  • Grover Zampa Art Collection Viognier13.5% ABV. Price 1100 INR / 750ml
  • Grover Zampa Art Collection Sauvignon Blanc13.5% ABV. Price 1100 INR / 750ml
  • Grover Zampa Art Collection Chenin Blanc 13.5% ABV. Price 2300 INR / 750ml
  • One Tree Hill White14% ABV. Price 700 INR / 750ml
  • Sante Chenin Blanc13.5% ABV. Price 550 INR / 375ml
  • Raya White13.5% ABV. Price 350 INR / 750ml

Grover Zampa Red Wines Price & Alcohol Content

  • Grover Zampa Grand Chene Reserve – 14% ABV. Price 2100 INR / 750ml
  • Grover Zampa Vijay Amritraj Reserve Collection (Red) – 14% ABV. 2300 INR / 750ml
  • Grover Zampa La Reserve – 14% ABV. Price 1200 INR / 750ml
  • Grover Zampa Art Collection Merlot – 13.5 ABV. Price 800 INR / 750ml
  • Grover Zampa Art Collection Cabernet-Shiraz – 14% ABV. Price 1400 INR / 750ml
  • Grover Zampa Art Collection Shiraz – 13.5% ABV. Price 160 INR / 750ml
  • One Tree Hill Red – 13.5% ABV. Price 700 INR / 750ml
  • Sante Shiraz – 13.5% ABV. Price 700 INR / 750ml
  • Raya Red – 14% ABV. Price 400 INR / 750ml

Grover Zampa Rose wines

  • Grover Art Collection Shiraz Rose
  • Sante Rose

Grover Zampa Sparkling wines price

  • Zampa L’Amour Brut Rose – 2500 INR
  • Grover Auriga Celestial Brut Rose – 1600 INR
  • Grover Zampa Soiree Brut Rose – 1400 INR
  • Grover Zampa Soiree Brut – 1200 INR

Grover Zampa dessert wine price

  • Late Harvest Chenin Blanc – 535 INR / 375ml

All wine prices are mentioned without tax. So, some more amount will be added to their original prices.

Grover Zampa Awards & Achievements

  • Sommelier India, one of the most prominent Indian magazines, has awarded Grover Zampa with the Winery of the year title in 2017.
  • It was the first vineyard and wine-making brand in India that cultivated Tempranillo vines.
  • As an Indian brand, it exports the maximum quantity of wine to Japan, the USA, and Australia.

Other offerings of Grover Zampa

If anyone visits Grover Zampa Bangalore, they can experience:

  • Cave de La Reserve, the company’s tasting room, where an internal sommelier will guide you through tasting their exclusive wines.
  • Lounge de La Reserve restaurant with delicious Indian and Continental food items to pair their wines.
  • A wine store Boutique de La Reserve where the tourists can purchase authentic Grover Zampa wines before returning.
  • Tourists are offered a vineyard walk and guided wine tour
  • They can taste the six best Grover Zampa wines
  • Visitors are provided lunch at their restaurants
  • They also arrange grape stomping. But there should be at least ten people, and requests should be placed previously.
  • An extra charge needs to be paid for each person for grape stomping. But no free stay is offered.

Grover Zampa Wine Tour Details

Guided Tour timings
There are two tours in a day that start at 10.30 am and 1:30 pm

Price of the tour:
Basic Package
Monday–Friday:   850 INR per person
Saturdays and Sundays (weekends) – 1000 INR per person

Duration of the tour:
1.5 hours

Reservation or walk-in:
Reservations only

Special events for the harvest season: 
Grape stomping for a minimum group of 8 people

Grover Zampa Vineyards – History & Background

Kanwal Grover, the founder of Grover Zampa, left his job and established this winery. He often visited France due to his profession, and his interest grew from there.

In 1982, Grover invited a world-famous Champagne expert George Vesselle to India. They got land in 1992 in Doddaballapura, and there they began to make wines.

Grover vineyards collaborated with Vallee de Vin in 2012, and the new brand was named Christened Grover Zampa. Presently Grover Zampa has two vineyards located at Nashik Maharashtra and Nandi Hills Karnataka. Karnataka and Maharashtra are the main markets of Grover Zampa.

Vivek Chandramohan was selected as the chief executive officer of Grover Zampa in 2018. The winery has successfully collected funds from wine investor Ravi Viswanathan. Visvires Capital and Reliance Capital hold 32% of the company’s share, and Grover’s has a 24% share.

Now Grover Zampa nearly produces 220,000 wine cases every year and is in the second position in wine production after Sula Vineyards. As per records, Grover Zampa is the second-largest vineyards and wine-making Indian brand.

Grover Zampa Vineyards provides a versatile site to witness Indian wine-making methods with its rich history, the serenity of nature, and lovely views. They offer you a guided tour, and have a look at their wine production procedures, and taste their exclusive wine and lunch.

Best Time To Visit Grover Zampa Vineyard

Grover Zampa vineyards can be visited any time of the year. But if you want to enjoy the vineyards at their best, it would be better to see this place between January and February. If you visit in March, then you can witness the harvesting and how wine is prepared. Nevertheless, whenever you want to pay a visit don’t forget to book your dates in advance.

It can be a pleasant experience for bird lovers. It would be better to carry a binocular to watch wonderful Asian Flycatchers, Bulbuls, Blue Capped Rock Thrush, Tawny Eagles, and Puff-Throated Babblers for this area is famous.