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Coffee Bean Culture – Handmade Coffee Bean Jewelry By Liam Berge

Like many others, Liam’s main business in Scotland was also impacted and was on hold during the lockdown. And like many others, he took this as an opportunity to create something new!

At Coffee Bean Culture Liam started to craft and paint his love and passion for coffee beans. Though the initial idea was to keep his mind and hands busy during the pandemic to pay off his regular bills; this grew wider and quicker than he expected. Today, he is really excited and looking forward to making this whole idea a lot bigger than he ever thought.

About Coffee Bean Culture

Coffee Bean Culture was not an overnight idea. The long-living love for creating something of his own, and that too handcrafted and deeply personalized, was probably the foundation stone of Coffee Bean Culture. Today, coffee bean culture is not just a business that creates personalized coffee bean-shaped artifacts and related paintings, It’s a business that clearly shows the deep love for coffee drinks, coffee beans and spread the knowledge about it as well. Every jewel made by Coffee Bean Culture is deeply researched based on the type of coffee bean, its origin, its place in the current world, and maybe what that bean expects from the world today. Coffee Bean Culture is an idea that creates a personal connection with a regular thing like a coffee bean. This idea makes everyone realize that there is something special in every object no matter how small, regular or common is that. The love for your special object/thing is JUST SPECIAL regardless of the type/shape of the thing. This is the core extract of this small yet beautiful business that motivates everyone to start what they love.

About Liam Berge

Lian Berge, the founder of the Coffee Bean Culture, always enjoys making things with his hands and tries to learn new things at every stage of his life. In 2017 Handmade by Liam Berge was launched after taking a leatherworking class with Hamish Lamley which started his goal of having my own handmade business. Since the incarnation of the business, Liam became vegan and his business had to find a new way, so after some searching (he took a blacksmithing course, bought a sewing machine, and even tried vegan leathers). He took a silversmithing course with Lisa Arnott of Silver Hub Studios in January 2020 and since then He loved working with silver. With his new craft, he mixed another love of mine, coffee and it has grown into Coffee Bean Culture where I now make coffee bean jewelry.


Though Laim and Coffee Bean Culture offer a great range of handcrafted jewelry and paintings, we managed to get some core insights into some of the products by Liam himself.

Coffee Bean Necklace

 This sterling silver coffee bean necklace was the first coffee bean I made. It was molded from a Columbian Supremo coffee bean that I roasted at home from a green bean. It gave me the experience to create my business and coffee bean range in many forms and is my favorite to date. While coming up with this I picked up the bean while red hot and burnt off a fingerprint which thankfully grew back but it definitely taught me to use tools to handle the beans when hot. (priced at £30 it’s perfect for you to bring your coffee with you wherever you are). 

Coffee Bean Bookmark

 As an avid reader I wanted to make a bookmark that I could be proud of, which I still use daily. Made from copper the bookmark base can be personalized with phrases or names stamped on, then the bean is a red bronze columbian supremo with a sterling silver jump ring which definitely makes the book stand out! (Priced at £36)

Coffee Bean Ring

 This Sterling Silver adjustable coffee bean ring has been quite popular with baristas and other coffee lovers and does a great job of bringing a little flair to your day! I made this as an adjustable ring because I found when making rings for people sizing can be tough and depending on which finger we wear rings on or even time of day our finger size can fluctuate so being able to adjust the size can be very helpful. The ring is made in sterling silver with a sterling silver bean to top. (Priced at £32)

Botanical Coffee Cup Print

Designed By Demi Yuill this botanical Coffee Plant print will look perfect on your wall

The paper is 200gsm thick and has a matte finish.
It is also FSC certified and climate neutral.

Apart from these products, Coffee Culture Bean offers the below products too. Do check out the website for the complete details about the products, the idea behind that, the core bean that inspires the product, and the lovely story.

  • Sterling Silver Handmade Coffee Bean Drop Earrings
  • Hinitan Plantation Barako Liberica Bean Sterling Silver Cuff Links
  • Red Bronze Handmade Coffee Bean stud Earrings
  • Hinitan Plantation Barako Liberica Bean Sterling Silver Pendant Charm
  • Sterling Silver Handmade Vulva Earrings
  • Hinitan Plantation Barako Liberica Bean Sterling Silver Badge Pin
  • Red Bronze Handmade Coffee Bean Drop Earrings

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