Best Portable Coffee Options

Coffee makes the world go round with its rich aromas, full-bodied flavor, and energy-boosting effect. So, how do you get those benefits when you’re on the go? Luckily, there are many portable coffee options out there, so you can get the cup of Joe you want no matter where you are. Keep on reading to learn about some of the best portable coffee options out there to give you a morning jolt or afternoon pick-me-up.

Travel coffee makers use coffee grounds, water, and pressure to make a quick cup of coffee. Many travel coffee makers are self-contained units, making them ultra-portable and lightweight. No more having to lug multi-part units or complicated contraptions around to get a fresh cuppa. Some travel coffee makers also make use of coffee pods, so you don’t have to tote around loose grounds anymore either. This makes it even easier to craft that perfect cup first thing in the morning.

If you want to deviate from the pod route, you can search for a travel coffee maker that uses loose coffee grounds. Higher-end machines also offer a unique coffee grinder so you can get that perfect cup no matter if you’re camping or going out for a morning hike. Then, for that cozy evening fire, you can burn your coffee grounds, as they’re an excellent biofuel that can help you get your fire going.

Portable Espresso Maker

For a stronger brew, you can opt for a portable espresso maker. Some, like other travel coffee makers, make use of a capsule system rather than loose grounds. No more having to pack along your lineup of tools to grind your beans, aerate your puck, and tamp it down, just to make a single espresso. Some of these portable machines are relatively small, leaving just enough room for the capsule, water, and basic extraction equipment, so you can take these makers along for any adventure.

Travel French Press

There are also many travel French presses on the market, making this portable coffee option for those wanting to seek out the perfect coffee maker for their next adventure. Just because you’re away from your French press at home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the smooth, full-bodied flavor that this brewing method offers. Simple to make, and easy to clean up, this portable option is perfect for those who want to clip their coffee maker to their backpack and start exploring.

Pour-Over Packets

If all you want to carry around are coffee packets and a travel mug, then pour-over packets might be the best option for you. Coming in a variety of flavors and budget choices, there is a pour-over packet for you out there. Also known as instant coffee, this option often creates a mellow blend that can even have flavors added to it to make your morning cup a truly enjoyable experience.

Since they are dry sachets that are individually packaged, you can stow these anywhere where you might need a quick cup of caffeine. Your car, backpack, purse, and even your camping gear are all great stow spots, so you’re guaranteed to have options for a coffee fix.

Rather than having the instant coffee packets, other pour-over packets allow you to add your grounds to a filter and pour hot water over the grounds. Slightly more labor intensive than quick instant coffee, this option is great for those who can have more of a coffee setup on the go.

Readymade Coffee

For a fast and delicious option, you can opt for readymade coffee drinks. Coming in countless flavors and brands, there is sure to be a readymade coffee option out there for you. From bold black coffee blends to rich and creamy Vietnamese coffee drinks, you can find a blend that works for you and your coffee tastes. Wondering what readymade coffee to start looking for in the store? You can find the type that is perfect for you by taking a coffee personality quiz, where you can learn more about yourself and find the right drink for you.

Regardless if you want a strong cup of espresso or something you can just grab on the go, there is a portable coffee option out there for you. That way, you can still enjoy your perfect morning coffee while also taking in the sights and sounds of the world around you. Or, so you don’t have to sacrifice your morning caffeine intake just because you’re busy and on the move.