18 Most Common Wine FAQs – Answers To All Of Your Wine Queries

Do you know what are the most common wine FAQs ? Let’s get to know your wine better. Know the answers to the frequently asked questions about wine.

How should I store my wine?

It is best to store wine in a dark and dry place. If you can’t avoid the light, consider wrapping your wine bottles. If you leave your wine for aging, it’s crucial to put it behind a UV-protected door. Wine bottles should be kept horizontally in the proper humidity, and storing your wine in a wine fridge is better.

How long does an open wine bottle last

Wine’s longevity depends on the body of the wine (heavy, light, or medium) after breaking the seal. But on average, wines last from three to five days after opening. Rose and light white wines last between five to seven days, heavy white wines last between three to five days, sparkling wines last up to three days, light red wines last up to three days, full-bodied red wines last up to six days, and after opening.

What are sulfites? Are they dangerous?

Sulfites are preservatives used to increase wine’s longevity. They don’t impact the taste and aroma of the wine. Sulfites may trigger asthma and are not suitable for human health. Some countries, for example, the USA, have banned sulfites. One of the bad parts of wine consumption is sulfite contents in them.

What are tannins?

Tannins are astringent compounds. It gives a gripping sensation on palate.

What does terroir mean? What does it have to do with wine?

Terroir indicates a sum of factors like weather, environment, ground for cultivation, sunlight, and many more. The wine grapes get various tastes and flavors depending on the terroir.

What is Dryness in wine

Dryness in wine relates to the after-taste that you feel after consuming the wine. It depends on the sugar amount present in the wine after it gets fermented.

Does wine age in the bottle

Yes, the aging process of wine continues even in the bottle. Aging alters wine, but its taste remains almost the same. But nearly five years after bottling, the character of wine may be changed.

Do all wines get better with age?

There is a notion that all wines improve with age, or aging of wine is a trait of quality wine, or extended aging enhances the taste of wine. But these are baseless. Wines change with aging, but their flavor and aroma remain the same.

What does “vintage” mean?

The term “vintage” relates to the year or place in which high-quality wines are created.

What are wine LEGS?

Wine legs are the droplets of wine that can be seen inside the wine glass. It is mainly seen with wines that contain a high percentage of alcohol.

How many glasses of wine are in a bottle?

A regular wine bottle contains five glasses of wine if you pour 5oz into each glass.

How do I re-cork (or reseal) a wine bottle?

There are several methods to re-seal a wine bottle. Some practices include the tilt & twist process and the wax paper process. You can use a wine stopper also.

Do I need to decant my wine?

Wine that has been aging for over ten years needs to be decanted. It will help the wine to relax and separate the sediments. Read more about wine decanting.

At what temperature should I store my wine?

The storing temperature of wine varies as per different elements. But it is better to store between 11 to 140c in general.

At what temperature should I Serve my wine?

Various wines should be served at various temperatures. Red wines should be done from 120 to 180c, white wines serve between 80 to 120c, and Champagnes are best to serve between 50 to 70c.

What is the difference between Old World and New World wine?

The Old World wines are usually light, alcohol percentage is lower, more acidic, and contain natural aromas. On the other hand, New World wines are full-bodied with high ABV and lower acidity and are ripe on the palate.

Do I need to use different glasses for wine?

There is no hard and fast rule that you need to use different wine glasses for different wines. But there are so many wines and wine glasses that it is impossible to possess all of them. So, it is not necessary to use different glasses for wines. Read – How to choose a perfect wine glass.

Is cork a wine better than screw cap wine?

Corks help pass in some air which is beneficial for red wines that are not kept for aging. But it is better to use screw caps for white wines.