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The Grape Escape With Edward Agg – Journey Through the World’s Best Wines

Allow us to introduce you to “thecellarpost” – an Instagram profile curated by Edward Agg, a passionate wine enthusiast and influencer. With over a decade of experience in the wine industry, Edward has traveled the world to explore the many varietals and regions that make up the vibrant and complex world of wine. His mission with “thecellarpost” is to share his love of wine with others and help educate and inspire a new generation of wine lovers.

Through stunning photography, engaging content, and expert advice, Edward takes his followers on a journey of discovery through the world of wine. From the vineyards of Burgundy to the cellars of Napa Valley, “thecellarpost” offers an immersive and informative experience that highlights the best and brightest of the wine world.

As an influencer, Edward brings a unique perspective and a fresh approach to wine, sharing his insights and recommendations with his followers in a way that is both approachable and informative. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of wine, “thecellarpost” has something to offer – so raise a glass and join Edward on this exciting and flavorful journey through the world of wine.

In this interview, we’ll have the privilege of hearing directly from Edward about his insights, perspectives, and experiences in the world of wine. We’re sure you’ll find this interview to be an engaging and informative conversation with one of the most dynamic and knowledgeable figures in the industry. So sit back, pour yourself a glass of your favorite vintage, and join us as we dive into the world of wine with Edward Agg of “thecellarpost”.

Who is Edward Agg and how did he get into wine world?

I’m a 37 year old Brit living in Sydney dabbling in the wine writing world. My  journey started as a youngster reading Hugh Johnson’s pocket wine book whilst on holiday with my family in France, not far from Bordeaux. Since then, I’ve always had an interest in wine, wine regions, ‘terroir’, and ultimately what arrives in the bottle.

What kept you going and motivated you to explore the world of wines?

For me it’s less about motivation and more about curiosity. Once you catch the wine bug it becomes natural to search out the new, new varieties, regions, winemaking techniques. I’m less of a drinker, although I do like a drink, and more of a learner or appreciator.

Here is the famous Wine Splash Video from Ed

As a wine enthusiast, what are your interests apart from reviewing wines. Do you have your own venture that deals with wine related services?

I don’t have any specific venture deals yet, working on something as we speak which I’m hoping will change / challenge the traditional models within the wine retail space. Follow to find out more 😉

What is your core area when it comes to write about wine world?

I wouldn’t say I have a core area per se, if I had to choose I’d say Australian wine broadly as it’s been my core focus on the page. I’m quite passionate about the impact of the points system in wine, not a big believer in the concept, and will happily challenge the concept whenever the opportunity arises.

What is your go to wine when you are alone and wish you have a sip with your favorite music?

Serrat Shiraz Viognier

It’s not the most expensive, but I have a few to reach for. Serrat Shiraz Viognier, Yarra Valley. Rarely disappoints and drinks well above the price tag. That or a good bottle from the left bank.

Which wine region you are most interested in and why?

I’m torn between Bordeaux (my first love), Tuscany, and Piedmont. Bordeaux I couldn’t live without (slight exaggeration), Piedmont is a fascinating region topographically, Barolo vs Barbaresco, the beauty of the landscape, and Tuscany, very similar to Piedmont but I’ve less knowledge here and my curious brain wants to explore.  Aside from Bordeaux Piedmont and Tuscany have Burgundy similarities, small sites, multi-owner holdings, and pure expressions of site. That’s always going to peak my interest.

The Piemonte Region of Italy

To all the beginners, what are your top 3 suggestions to improve skills in wine tasting and palate development?

1)   Taste, taste, taste. Try new wines, different price points, different regions.

2)   Do comparative tastings, Aussie Shiraz vs Rhone Syrah. Shiraz matured in new oak vs old oak. Wines matured in oak vs wines in amphora or concrete eggs.

3)   Understand winemaking techniques and how they translate into aroma and taste. Whole-bunch fermentation vs de-stemmed. Batonage, stirring of lees. Barrel and oak selection, old vs new, and toasting of the staves. Getting a base level of knowledge here can be so powerful. Link this into the above and you’ll be well on your way.

Your recommended top 3 places/restaurants that offers the great collection of wines in Sydney?

Great question. Generally speaking I don’t go to restaurants with good / great wine list. I’m a BYO champion at heart. Paying 200% markup when I have the same wine at home isn’t my idea of sensible.

Sydney’s best BYO? Macleay St Bistro, Potts Point.

Final Words

Edward Agg’s journey in the wine world started with a simple interest in wine, and his curiosity led him to explore various regions, winemaking techniques, and new wine varieties. As a wine enthusiast and writer, his passion lies in Australian wine, and he’s not a big believer in the concept of points system. So if you’re new to the wine world, follow Edward Agg on Instagram to stay updated with his wine reviews, recommendations, and insights, and start exploring the fascinating world of wine.