Hidden Treasure Of Indian Wines And Local Liquor

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Calm weather, peaceful & placid beaches, soothing stretches of backwaters, opulent hill stations, exotic & mysterious wildlife yes your imagination goes in the right direction am talking about Kerala, but I tell you to add Toddy to this list too.

Toddy is a local wine made up of fermented coconut sap, small shops called “Shaaps” can be seen selling bottles of these. Nowadays the technique from which sap is extracted is surely an art-form. Asking locals is the best way to find a good quality Toddy in Kerala.

At the Fringes of backwater order yourself a bottle of Toddy with, exotic fiery red pomfret and roasted prawns with tangy fresh mango pickle.

Kerala is not completed if you miss Toddy. This is one of the amazing Indian Wines.


Goa is the most tourist-centric place in India and well known for fantastic beaches, Carnivals, Cheap Booze, Seafoods, Cashews, and it’s very own Feni. Feni heart of goa and Urak is the soul of Feni. It is known as the most brilliant drink in the world. Most people are unaware of this drink.

The first distillation of Feni is “Urak”, which is brewed from riped cashew apple and holds 12%-15% alcohol. It originates a fruity, slightly pungent aroma of the cashew apple. The taste of Urak is more generous than Feni.

To taste Urak, you need to have some good Goan friends, either who have cashew estate or they know some who hold cashew estate because Goan families brew it for themselves only. If the weather is humid, hot and rain is still a few weeks away, without any second thought, it’s the right weather for pouring urak in glass.

Chhang-“Beer of Himalayas”

The most popular, widespread, and widely consumed alcoholic brews of the Himalayas is Chhang. Locals use finger millets, which are first boiled then dried into cubes and fermented for few months. The fermented millets are served in a bamboo jar, which is topped up to the edge. In winters it is taken by adding warm water, which makes the drink delicious and keeps the body warm.


Mizoram secretes love and its own exotic charm. Love is in the air of Mizoram and in its beverages too. Zawlaidi is a loving mixture from Mizoram contains approx. 18% alcohol, acknowledged as ‘Love Potion’, is the finest quality of Lubrusca grape wine. Mizoram believes that if someone wants to fall in love, Zawlaidi has the power to make it happen. One of the most amazing Indian Wines.


The fiery, distilled from coconut palm sap, red rice, and sugarcane Ladakhi whisky comprises 50-70 percent alcohol content. The anise-flavored distilled spirit is the traditional beverage of Ladakh. Making starts from vineyards and finished malt aged in big clay jugs with two open sides to allow the angel’s stake to evaporate.


Land of Rajasthan is known for its royalty, Rajputana Shaan to Rajputana food, and Rajputana alcoholic liquors too. Man Singh from Kanota thikana claims that “isme sabhi rogon se ladne ki taakat hai” (It has the power to fight all the ailments). Yes, this recipe comes from thikana kanota of Jaipur which contains almost 80 different herbs includes Kesar (saffron), anise, nutmeg, white musli, jaavitri(mace flower), sandalwood, etc. It’s not possible for normal people to find out all 80 ingredients. The formula is reserved with kanota thikana. Royal Chandrahaas is a heritage liquor that contains 42.8% alcohol.

I must say Rajasthan is incomplete if you don’t have on the rocks Chandrahaas and laal maans on your dinner table. One of the greatest Indian Wines.

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