6 Types of Champagne Glasses or Flutes – Top Brands

Champagne glasses are created for drinking any sparkling wine or champagne. Coupe and flute are the most common champagne glasses. Some people also use regular wine glasses for drinking champagne.

The taste of the champagne is mainly dependent on the glasses’ shape. So, it is highly essential to select the glass according to your drinking taste. There are comprehensive varieties of sparkling wine. Similarly, there is a variety of champagne glasses with respective features. And we will help you to know which glass goes best with your favorite drink. So, let’s begin the discourse.

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How to select a champagne glass or flute

There are some features that one needs to consider while selecting a champagne glass, such as:

  • The rim of a champagne glass needs to be adequately comprehensive in diameter so that the fragrance of the wine can be felt.
  • The more the bowl will be broader, the more flavors the glass can offer
  • It would be best to select a pointy base as it assists in creating nice bubbles.
  • The base material is best to be made of crystal as it is lightweight, tender, and long-lasting. Usually, thinner glasses are not so prominent when tasting the wine.

Types of champagne glasses

Flute Champagne Glass

Flute Champagne Glass

Champagne flutes are perfect for keeping the bubbles intact. A champagne flute is the best to serve crémant, cava sparkling wines. This is one of the traditional champagne glasses.

Tulip Champagne Glass

Tulip Champagne Glass

Tulip champagne glasses are perfect for serving wines with floral notes. Its bowl is broad-shaped, and best suits are sparkling wines with solid aromas. Prosecco sparkling wines and Rose sparkling can be tasted the best while pouring into this glass.

Coupe Champagne Glass

Coupe Champagne Glass

Champagne glasses coupe are also known as vintage champagne glasses was a famous style of the 1950s. In these glasses, wines can spread fast; therefore, the wines taste fruitier and softer. For champagne coupe, One can try Asti, Spunmante wines in this designed glass. This type of champagne glass is often called a champagne glass with broad shallow bowl.

Wide Tulip Champagne Glass

Wide Tulip Champagne Glass

This glass enhances the biscuit and brioche aromas of matured high-quality sparkling wines like vintage champagne. You can use these glasses to serve Franciacorta and Gran Reserva Cava sparkling wines.

Trumpet Champagne Glass

Trumpet Champagne Glasses

Trumpet flutes come in pairs. These glasses direct the bubbles upwards where the tastebuds are highly active. These glasses can contain 160ml liquor in each glass.

Antique champagne glasses

antique champagne glasses

antique champagne glasses are pretty similar to the flutes but the quality is a little different. Antique champagne glasses has carving and designs on it and has a little thicker glass body. They come in different colors and designs too. They depicts great classiness and style for sure.

Apart from the types mentioned, there are plastic champagne glass, tiffany champagne glass, stemless champagne flute, wedding champagne flutes, plastic champagne flutes, and tiffany champagne flutes.

Top Brands of Champagne Glasses or Flutes

Let’s check out some best glasses for champagne or sparkling wine flutes:

Waterford Love Forever Champagne Flutes

These Waterford champagne flutes are designed using the best quality materials. They are durable and come in diamond-cut designs. These glasses contain five ounces of champagne and are perfect wedding and anniversary gifts.

Elixir Champagne Flutes

These champagne glasses are elegant and pocket-friendly. This comes in four pieces set where all the glasses are made from high-standard crystal free from lead. These flutes are crafted nicely to a rich look, and they are long-lasting too. These glasses will indeed offer your bar an enriched look.

Aspen and Birch Modern Champagne Flutes

These champagne flutes are perfect for dinner parties. They are handmade and can contain six ounces of champagne and have a nice shine. These flutes can be washed in the dishwasher. But handwashing is always suggested for these delicate crystal glasses.

Personalized Bridesmaid Champagne Flutes

These glasses for champagne are a great way to thank guests for attending your wedding party. Therefore, if you plan to get married, don’t miss these flutes. Here, the names are written with a laser to increase readability and ensure that the words stay long. A host can offer a special gift with these personalized glasses. These glasses are great gift options for birthdays and anniversaries.

Champagne Tulip Vs. Champagne Flute

In terms of shape and design The champagne tulip competes with the flute by having a unique shape and curve toward its stem. This gives better function and more space for drinkers hold the glass and not leave marks of their fingers in the glass. The curve also provides an extra bowl space that allows it to allow the champagne to develop it’s flavours completely without overpowering the aromas of champagne.

The flute and the tulip both have a rough bead on the bottom to help further aid in the aeration of bubbles as well as add a touch of sparkle to each sip.

If you’re looking for overall design, function and performance the champagne tulip glass is the ideal choice. It has all the great features of the other champagne glasses, but also providing a classy style for the glass. The most important thing is that the tulip glass lets the full experience of champagne to be appreciated by the person drinking it.


While talking about champagne, a frequent question that comes to mind is how many glasses of champagne are in a bottle? Usually, a bottle of 750 ml champagne is adequate to pour in five champagne flutes. So, if you are planning to celebrate any occasion, these champagne glasses are perfect for serving champagne or any sparkling wines. Therefore, go for them and make the toast a remarkable one.